Sylvania Smart Bulb Not Connecting: Troubleshoot With Simple And Easy Fixes

Most home automation systems, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit, may be used with Sylvania light bulbs.

As a result, compatibility difficulties are pretty unusual for consumers. It’s as simple as plugging in the smart light bulb and connecting it to the smart automation hub. They are low-energy and easy on the eyes.

Nevertheless, a number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Sylvania Bulbs due to a number of problems. The majority of these problems are caused by small flaws that are simple to fix.

Let’s look at some of the most frequent problems, like Sylvania Smart Bulb not connecting and how to solve them.

Sylvania Smart Bulb Not Connecting – Easy Fixes 

Sylvania Bulb Won’t Turn On.

This is mostly due to the bulb’s inability to take electricity from the circuit. A defective power outlet is usually the root of the problem.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for consumers to install a bulb improperly. The lightbulb is unable to take electricity and turn on because the contact points on the bulb and the holder do not touch.

First and foremost, double-check that you followed the user instructions exactly and that the lightbulb is properly fitted. When you’ve never installed a lightbulb before, you may either ask a friend or follow a YouTube guide.

If you’re certain the bulb is correctly fitted, the next most likely reason is a defective power outlet.

You could test the outlet by connecting to a different device to see whether it works. If it isn’t, just replace the outlet or check another outlet for the smart gadget.

This will almost certainly solve your problem. However, if the problem persists, it is probable that your lightbulb is defective, in which case you will need to get it changed.

Not Working Homekit

When you purchase a smart gadget but are unable to connect it to your home automation system, it may be quite frustrating. If you’re experiencing problems connecting your smart lights to Apple Homekit, try these remedies.

A simple power cycle will usually solve all of the troubles; therefore, immediately switch off the power for approximately 30 seconds and then turn it back on.

Then, allow another 30 seconds for it to reconnect to the hub when it is plugged in. If this doesn’t work, the fault is most likely with the home kit rather than the smart light.

Resetting your Apple Homekit might help solve any small problems that are plaguing your system. This is simple to accomplish with the Home Kit application.

Then, simply restart your Homekit hub and attempt reconnecting your gadget to the automation system. If the problem persists, we recommend restoring your smart device to factory default settings.

Sylvania Bulbs Aren’t Working.

If you can’t operate the lights using voice input or the Sylvania smartphone application, there’s probably a problem with the connection. Your bulb may also seem to be offline on your smartphone application as a result of this.

To resolve this problem, ensure that your home network is operational. For example, changing the Wi-Fi password might occasionally result in this problem.

As a result, you’ll need to adjust your Wi-Fi configuration and reconnect the lamp to your home network. This problem can sometimes be resolved by restarting your router; therefore, keep in mind you do that.

Finally, you may relocate the router adjacent to the smart lights to increase signal strength. This should make it easy for the smart gadget to interact with the smartphone application and carry out any orders.

These are some of the most frequent problems that you may encounter when using the Sylvania Light bulb.

If the problem isn’t listed here and you’ve tried all of the solutions and still can’t solve it, we recommend contacting Sylvania Support.

Give them as much information as you can about your problem. In addition, it would be much great if you could send them a videotape. This will assist them in identifying the issue and suggesting relevant solutions.

Sylvania Smart Bulb Not Connecting – Additional Troubleshooting Fixes

Power Cycle 

When you’re having problems with your gadget, the first thing you should do is power it off and on again.

Any small issues that were causing the devices to technical malfunction will be fixed. Next, remove the power and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting it.

After the power has been restored, you must wait another 30 seconds for your smart lightbulb to reconnect to the hub. Then, access your smartphone application to see if the smart light bulb is working.

Network problems should be fixed.

Bad network quality is the most common cause of this problem. Either the user moves the router out of its smart light bulb’s optimal range, or the connectivity suffers from interference.

The smart bulb is unable to interact with the mobile device because of both of these issues.

To resolve this problem, restart the router and thereafter link it to the smart light bulb. If that fails, relocate the router closer to the smart device.

This will improve the signal strength and ensure that your smart lightbulb connects to the internet without difficulty.

If your Wi-Fi credentials have recently been updated, resetting the Wi-Fi configuration on the smart light bulb will also fix the problem.

Sylvania Light Bulb Reset

If the problem persists, your best choice is to attempt resetting the smart light bulb. First, you’ll need to switch the lightbulb on and off five times. After that, blue, red, and green flashes will begin to appear in the light.

Following that, it will become white, indicating that the reset procedure is accomplished.

Then, all you would have to do is reinstall the smartphone application on your smart device, and you’ll be good to go.