Longlife Costco Led Light Bulbs Review

Customer’s Costco Led Light Bulbs Review

Longlife Costco Led Light Bulbs

Almost every single Costco LED light bulb review we saw was good.

The majority of consumers, in particular, praised the low cost of these light bulbs. They are considerably less expensive than most comparable goods.

Editor's Rating

Most individuals liked the fact that the Costco LED Light Bulbs didn’t require a hub. They also said they were quite simple to set up and operate in general.

The biggest issue was regarding the lack of wifi access. As a result, some consumers who provided Costco LED light bulbs reviews just had difficulties connecting and staying connected.

This, however, was not a frequent issue among all consumers. People generally thought they were simple to use. The FEIT Electric Smart Bulbs received 4.1 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers.

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Costco offers a wide range of light bulb options. LED bulbs may make your experience easier and quicker since you don’t have to turn on or off your lights manually.

All you need to do is connect the smartphone app to the LED bulbs, and you will be able to control them from just about anywhere. That is why many consumers are making a move from traditional light bulbs to smart LED bulbs.

As our primary sources of information for these reviews, we relied on Amazon, expert reviews, and the official website of Costco. 

Furthermore, a confluence of expert reviews on different websites and Amazon review sites influenced our decisions.

We decided to focus on a few important elements when assessing these products and provide a complete Costco LED light bulb review. These factors include brightness, usability, color choices, and quality.

Price was also a key consideration in many assessments, and we have therefore given it a rating of 4.3 out 5 for the features mentioned below;

Light intensity

The intensity may range from 850 to 1000 lumens, which is very bright, depending on your purchase model. 

So, if you need a high-intensity bulb for your house, they may be the finest alternative. And the best part is that you don’t need to replace these light bulbs for a long time. 

Costco’s LED light bulbs are unique in that you can sync them to your phone via an app. You may program the lights to vary their brightness at set hours, turn them off if you’re not at home, or change their color. 

You can even connect them to Alexa and command them with voice recognition.

The majority of respondents in their Costco LED light bulbs review thought their color-changing choices were extremely simple to utilize. However, their oranges and reds did not please everyone.

Installation Process

The whole installation process is fairly simple, and even if you’ve never installed a light bulb before, you are unlikely to encounter any problems. 

So, if you’re puzzled, adhere to the guidelines in the user manual, and you’ll get there.

If you have wifi smart lights, you can link them with your smartphone app after the circuit is complete, and the bulb should start working. The lights may then be configured with various automation assistants such as Alexa and Google Home

Power Efficiency

When compared to regular LED lights, you will save between 10-15% of the energy, depending on the type you purchase.

This may not appear to be much, although you will save a significant amount of money on your electricity bill. 

So, and you’ll save money, investing in smart LED lights today is the best alternative.

Life Span

Costco LED bulbs have an average life period of approximately twenty-five thousand hours. When compared to other brands of smart lights such as Philips, it is quite moderate.

However, it would be best for you also to consider the fact that you won’t have to replace your light bulbs for a couple of years even after continuous use. 

The total pricing is pretty cheap, and you should not anticipate any premium performance from it.


Before you buy a Costco Led Light bulb, you should think about how well it works. Costco Led Light Bulbs’ functioning is often determined by the specifications they include.

Conclusion: Costco Led Light Bulbs Review

Even if the bulk of Costco items are excellent, most customers will not justify spending their money on Costco LED bulbs.

So finally, if you need inexpensive light bulbs for a short period of time, go ahead and get Costco LED bulbs; otherwise, go for other products like Philips smart LED lights for your smart home.

We hope that this Costco LED Light Bulbs Review will help you to make an informed decision!