Thermostat Not Working After Power Outage: Reasons and Solutions

Many users have experienced this once in a while during a power outage. People using thermostats for a time have mentioned that more often than not, their thermostat stops working altogether after power interruptions.

They had also mentioned that their thermostat was working fine before the power went out. This has been the common issue raised by the users of thermostats.

If you have been facing problems with your thermostats, too, this article is what you want. We have listed a bunch of troubleshooting steps that you can follow and fix your thermostat not working after a power outage.

1. Try Checking the Fuses

If, after a long power outage, your thermostats don’t work at all, then there is the possibility of a blown fuse. We suggest the first thing you do is check the fuses or the wiring on the device.

To check the fuses, you need to remove the entire front panel.

Now check if there is some blown fuse inside your thermostat. A blown-out fuse is one most common reasons why thermostats usually stop working after a long power outage.

2. Check the Circuit Breaker

The next thing you need to check is the circuit breaker. After serious power outages, a switch might likely have been flipped on the circuit breaker.

In such a case, we suggest you check the HVAC circuit breaker. If it is already flipped, then try flipping it off and then back on to reset it.

We also suggest resetting the AC unit after a long power outage, which is necessary for some thermostats to work.

3. Make Sure the Thermostat is On

If none of the steps mentioned above work for you in fixing the thermostat, then it is possible that your thermostat is turned on and is just not working efficiently.

In such a case, all you need to do is turn the emergency heat mode on, on your thermostat for about 24 hours straight. This process will bring the temperature of your house to normal.

Once the temperature is normal, you can turn the thermostat mode on.

4. Try Contacting Customer Support Team

Lastly, if nothing seems to work for you to fix your thermostat yourself, there is a technical fault with your device.

In such a case, you should contact the customer support team. You can explain the issues you are facing to the support team and how you have tried to fix them.

The customer support team will provide you with some solutions that will help fix your thermostat.

There is also an option of replacing the device under warranty.