Luxpro Thermostat Not Working: Problems and Solutions

Upon reviewing specific user grievance portals, we encountered customer queries regarding the Luxpro Thermostats. Several users reported that due to some unknown reasons, their Luxpro Thermostat is not working at all.

While some state that the Luxpro thermostat does not work due to the exhausted batteries, the others are not sure what has caused their device to stop functioning altogether.  

Well, to start with, if your Luxpro thermostat is not working either, then we suggest you replace the batteries on your device right away.

Moving further, if the issue persists, you can try resetting the thermostat, checking the circuit breaker, and picking out the faulty wires.  

We have elaborated on the issue of the Luxpro thermostat not working and the potential ways for you to troubleshoot the issues you are facing with the device.

1. Check the Status of the Batteries 

The very thing you should check is the batteries on the device. For example, your Luxpro Thermostat might be running on a low battery, leading it to be non-functional.

If you notice that your thermostat is not heating or cooling your house the way you have set it to, then it might be possible that the batteries need to be replaced.  

If you are confused about which ones to buy, then you can use your existing batteries as a reference to purchase new ones.

To get your thermostat up and about, you must ensure the batteries are properly inserted.

If this isn’t the reason for your Luxpro thermostat not working, then proceed on to the next one.

2. Check the Circuit Breaker 

The next thing you should probably look for is the circuit breaker. By checking the circuit breaker, you ensure your thermostat is receiving enough power to operate smoothly.

It might be possible that your circuit breaker might have tripped because of a short circuit, some electrical burns, or a ground fault. 

If you are experiencing frequent tripping of the circuit breaker, it is certainly a matter of concern. In such a case, you can contact a professional to get it checked.  

3. Clear dust of the Brass Contacts 

Another reason for your Luxpro thermostat not working could be an accumulation of dust on the brass contacts. But, again, you will be able to locate the contacts on the subbase.

These two brass prongs are located on the subbase right above the lettering on the wire terminals. 

If you face issues with the cooling and heating features of the thermostat, you can try squeezing the contacts together carefully without damage.

We suggest you thoroughly clean the single contacts which you can see on the circuit board. Use a pencil eraser as it would be more convenient.  

4. Try Adjusting the Dip Switches on the Heat Pump 

For those who are unaware, the dip switch is located on the back of the Luxpro thermostat. You need to ensure that Switch 1 is always ‘On’ and the position of the fan switch is on ‘Electric’ mode.

To see the changes well-functioning, you need to restart the thermostat. 

5. Ensure Proper Wiring  

There might be certain issues that can tamper with the wiring on your thermostat. The first thing is to check that the connector is properly connected to the terminals.

Moreover, old wiring can also be the reason for your Luxpro thermostat not working.  

Lastly, we would advise you not to connect a millivolt thermostat to the line voltage. In addition, we would not recommend you try and fix the wiring by yourself unless you have significant-tech knowledge.

Instead, you can contact a verified electrician and have him look into the issue closely.

6. Check the Display and if it is locked

Further, to spot the issue with your thermostat, you can check the sign on your screen. First, tap on the Display to get to “Unlock Keyboard.”

Then tap on “OK” and then enter your lock code. Finally, tap on “OK” once you have entered the code. 

You can also try resetting the thermostat in case you have forgotten the lock code. The Luxpro thermostat will get unlocked once it’s back on.

This must solve the issues associated with your Luxpro thermostat not working.


Often the Display on the thermometer may seem blurred or hard to read. For those who don’t know why it is so, we suggest you peel the plastic off the screen of your thermometer for a clearer view.

Secondly, the Display can be blurry or faded because of weak batteries. Finally, if you see something like ‘Override’ written on the Display, it might be because of the raised temperature from the programmed values.

Once it reaches the scheduled temperature, this message will stop appearing.  

Lastly, if you read something like ‘LO’ or ‘HI’ on the Display of your thermostat, the temperature has gone beyond the range. Such a message will appear on the screen after the temperature of the room sets down to normal.

If the temperature doesn’t go above or below the average range of your thermostat, we suggest you reset the thermostat.  

7. Try Restarting the thermostat. 

This is the most basic and probably the easiest way to troubleshoot the issues you are facing with your thermostat. We suggest you try restarting your thermostat as it is quite an effective troubleshooting technique.

Next, locate the power button from the several buttons you’ll see underneath the screen of your thermostat. Once you have located the power button in the list, press it.  

Once you hit restart, the thermometer will restart. Wait for about five minutes and then switch it back on using the power button.

If your Luxpro thermometer is not working, then this is quite an effective way.

8. Try resetting the thermostat. 

If the above step doesn’t fix your issues and the temperature isn’t normal, next, we suggest you reset the thermostat.

If your Luxpro thermostat is unresponsive, stuck, or has gone dysfunctional, then this is probably the step you are looking for. Luxpro thermostat has a reset button on it. Next, you need to locate a similar panel using the power button.  

There is a ‘Reset’ button written just right next to it. Now press and hold down the reset button for about 5-10 seconds. Once you press the reset button, you’ll see the screen blinking.

Your thermostat will be restarted and will help you fix almost every issue you are facing with it.  

9. Clean the thermostat 

Sometimes accumulation of dust particles can cause your thermostat not to work. We suggest you thoroughly clean your thermostat regularly to avoid such a situation if such is the case.

You can use a small brush or cotton pads to clean the particles of the thermostat.

10. Contact Customer Support  

By now, your thermostat should be working just fine. However, if none of the ways listed above work for you, we suggest you contact for professional help.

Moreover, the Luxpro support team is quite responsive and convenient to reach out to. Once you contact them and explain your issue, they get back to you with an appropriate solution within 24 hours.