What to Do When Nest Thermostat Battery Won’t Charge?

We all understand no technology is perfect. Hence, we bumped into some queries about Nest Thermostat Battery.

People have reported that their Nest Thermostat Battery won’t charge, causing trouble for them.

To be precise, they see low battery warnings flash consistently, and later on, it won’t charge as efficiently as it should.  

Usually, the Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Thermostat E should charge its battery automatically through the power supplied to the HVAC.

If the power supply to the HVAC cannot charge up the battery, it must be because of a power cut. But if the HVAC is fine, it is probably the battery on your Nest Thermostat that has gone defective.

You can also charge the thermostat battery manually to prevent your Nest Thermostat from being harmed, for starters. There are certain ways you can try to charge the battery on your Thermostat manually.

If the Nest Thermostat Battery won’t charge and malfunction instead, here are some reasons and ways you can follow to fix it.

 Reasons Why Nest Thermostat Battery Won’t Charge

Software Problems

Software issues are the most common reasons for a smart device to malfunction. Hence, if you see your Nest Thermostat battery not charging, it might be because of some software issues.

Thankfully there are certain simple ways to fix such issues without asking for expert help. You can try the following ways:

1.    Try Rebooting the Thermostat

The basic way to troubleshoot the issues on your Thermostat is to restart the Thermostat. Try turning off your Thermostat for a while and then turn it on again.

Once you restart the Thermostat, it should resolve any issues you are having with your thermostat battery. After you have restarted the Thermostat and tried to plug it in for charging, it should have been working fine.

2.    Try Resetting the Thermostat

If rebooting the Thermostat didn’t work for you, then another thing you can do is the factory reset your Thermostat. To do so, press the reset button on the Thermostat and hold for about 10-15 seconds.

You can reset the Thermostat through the Nest Thermostat app on your phone. Just click on the setting and factory reset it. You will have to reset the device all over again, but you will fix the issue you were having.

After you have factory reset the Thermostat, you can now set it up from zero easily. In addition, you can change the settings that are causing your thermostat battery not to charge.

Resetting the Thermostat will help you get rid of the battery issues.

Hardware Problems

Hardware issues are secondary that can be another reason for your thermostat battery not to charge. These problems can be a bit complex to discover and troubleshoot.

But still, these can be fixed by applying simple ways. Just follow the ways listed further:

3.    Charging the screen with a cable

Usually, you charge the thermostat screen with cable included with it. One of the best things about Nest Thermostats is the screen.

The screen can be taken down from the wall mount. Now, you can take the screen off from the wall fitting and charge it using a micro-USB cable for about 4-5 hours.

We do so because the grid might not be getting enough voltage, which can slow or stop the charging of your Thermostat battery.

So, once you start charging it with an external cable, it might solve the issue for you.

4.    Contact Nest Customer Support

This might be the last resort if none of the ways listed above doesn’t work for you. Just visit the official website of Google Nest or contact the support team on their query number.

You can explain your issue over the call, and they will surely provide you with some solution for you to troubleshoot.

If the issue seems more severe, they will even send some technician to your place to check the fuses, connections, and wiring.

They will also analyze your Thermostat if there are some errors or issues and fix them for you. 

We hope that these solutions can help you fix the issue of – Nest Thermostat Battery Won’t Charge!