Top 3 Best SmartTiles Alternatives

Are you looking for SmartTiles Alternatives for your smart home? We have compiled a list of the top 3 alternatives for SmartTiles; read on!

SmartTiles was created to be an efficient thread for SmartThings. While some found it highly effective, many found it over the top for its limited functions.

Based on what we have gathered by reading through the SmartThings official website and many online discussion forums, we believe that the major reason why one would want to look for a SmartTiles alternative would be its steep prices. 

Users have shown their concerns over SmartTiles charging over $36 for their service per year. This is comparatively more expensive than other smart home automation systems such as Google Home

If you are under a specific budget then you are probably looking for SmartTiles alternatives too. SmartTiles, though an advancement for SmartThings, can still be pretty expensive for the features it provides. 

Top 3 SmartTiles Alternatives 

We have brought you some of the best SmartTiles alternatives. Make sure you go through this article thoroughly to know more about other options of SmartTiles.


Creators who designed SmartTiles have brought forward their latest invention named ActionTiles. We went through some online forums where users have registered their reviews of a better experience using ActionTiles than SmartTiles. We’ll tell you why.  

ActionTiles is much simpler, faster, and a lot more secure compared to SmartTiles. You can access it through a web browser app without any downloads from the app store.

First, you need to create your account, log in, and then link the SmartThings location.

Once you have linked, you can start forming your panels and tiles accordingly. Moreover, ActionTiles is secured; hence it assures you not to divulge your password or any confidential information anymore or on any other platform.


Open-Dash is yet another super-efficient SmartTiles alternative. It is an open-source dashboard system designed by the community. The new and advanced Open-Dash has a wide array of features that have impressed many users.

The first thing to notice is that Open-Dash uses a highly advanced API built on a custom Smart app.

As a result, it provides complete access to your devices and acts as a backbone for the SmartThings platform.

Open-Dash provides you with all the essential elements to create your tiles on an efficient Dashboard.

The major reason for Open-Dash to be one of the greatest SmartTiles alternatives is that it is designed with years of community progress and open-source components.

Open-Dash is free to use, and it will always be.


Our final yet great option for the SmartTiles alternative is webCoRE. webCoRE is another engine designed by the community which is ideal for making the automation process much simpler and more convenient.

It runs on top of Samsung SmartThings and provides several benefits for the users. Moreover, it is an entire engine that includes a Dashboard that offers you multiple solutions.

The great thing about webCoRE is that you can use its dashboard for creating tiles as it functions exactly like SmartThings. The only visible difference is that webCoRE is way more powerful and simple to operate.

Users who previously reported concerns about their poor experience with SmartTiles were observed to have had a great experience with webCoRE.

Final Thoughts

SmartTiles has been great to use via tablets mounted on the wall for high comfort. It saves you so much extra effort to get your phone every time you want to check on certain things.

In addition, it is absolutely free to use and very simple to set up, which is an amazing advancement to your SmartThings setup.

These are our best three SmartTiles Alternatives. We haven’t ranked them in order of their efficiency as all three are equally great. It all comes to your personal preferences and user experience that determines which alternative will suit you best.

We have attempted to explain the key features in a way you can easily comprehend.

We can assure you that each alternative mentioned above will be highly efficient and will bring much comfort.