Little Gray Box Timer Not Working: Simple Ways To Fix It

Upon going through different grievance forums, we observed that several users had reported various issues with their Little Gray box timer.

Going through some similar concerns, users emphasized that the device isn’t working at all. They have been searching for solutions to spot the cause and fix them, respectively.  

This article elaborates all possible reasons for the Little Gray box timer not working. It also encapsulates some straightforward ways to help you troubleshoot the issues and use the device flawlessly.

We have also listed some additional bullet points that you must check on your timers.

1. Try Checking the Power 

This is the very basic step to spot the reason for the unusual behavior of your Gray box timer.

You should check the power on the device. To do so, you need to use a non-contact voltage meter on the timer of your device.

You can check the outlet manually to ensure a power supply.   

You can also check the power by pressing down the button located on the tester. If you hear a beep, it should be one single beep.

If it beeps continuously, you can be sure of the powerful presence. Make sure you adhere to all the precautionary measures while checking the existence of power on the device.  

2. Contact a technician  

If the reason mentioned above doesn’t turn out to be the cause, then there is a possibility that your Little Gray box timer has gone defective.

This is probably the cause why your little Gray box timer is not working at all. In such a case, we do not suggest you go ahead and try fixing it yourself unless you have significant technical knowledge.  

You can contact a technician or a tech professional and have him look into your device. The said person will analyze and let you know the cause behind the issue you are facing.

If the device is still alive and can be fixed, the technician will repair it or suggest an appropriate way for you to fix it yourself.  

3. Replace the Device 

If none of the ways mentioned above helps you solve your issues with the device, you can be certain that you are using a faulty device. If such is the case, the only legitimate option is replacing your device with a new one.  

Although it will cost you a few bucks, it’s better than using an obsolete device and getting nowhere.

However, if your product is running under warranty period, you can request to replace it with a new one without spending another.  

Additional things to look for in timers

  • Try checking the light bulb and the wall outlet using a non-contact tester to see if the power is live. 
  • Try checking the timer override by Moving the override lever or even pushing the override button. This will turn ON the load even if the clock motor is bad.  
  • Turn the circuit breaker completely off and then turn it back on.  
  • Listen for some crackling sound from the circuit breaker as there may be some electrical burning.  
  • Ensure that the wires are firmly connected to the circuit breaker.  
  • Move around the wires on the circuit breaker to the same size but different breaker.  
  • Compare the load rating timer with load demand. Make sure the wire size on both matches.  
  • Unscrew the timer box or try removing the cover to check if the wires have fused. There might be an electrical burn if the wire connectors are not firm or if the terminal screws are unfastened.  
  • Check if the dial is rotating properly using an analog timer. If the dial is fine then the clock is good too. On the other hand, the trippers might be failing. 
  • Try to prevent frequent power surges that can damage the timers, appliances, main breaker panels, water heater, household wires, circuit breakers, etc.