Troubleshooting Ideas If Feit Smart Bulbs Not Connecting Appropriately

Feit Electric is a firm that offers consumers smart LED products. It is a highly dependable model that seldom has any problems.

The installation is simple, and if you have decent internet access, you may use the smart gadgets from just about anywhere in the home.

Even the most advanced smart devices might fail from time to time. If you’re experiencing problems getting the Feit Smart lights to access your local network, continue to read to learn about some possible solutions.

The Feit Smart Bulbs Not Connecting To Wifi 

Examine the Network Bandwidth

The 5GHz spectrum bandwidth is perhaps the main typical issue why you can’t get the home automation device to access the local network.

Unfortunately, many customers are unaware that their smart gadget cannot access a 5GHz bandwidth and must instead utilize a 2.4GHz channel to function. If you, too, are in a comparable situation, examine the wifi channel’s frequency band.

All you would have to do is access the administration settings menu through the web access, based on which type of router you have used.

Then, turn the channel bandwidth from 5GHz to 2.4GHz in the router’s settings tab. Then, update the configurations and reconnect the LED bulb to the wifi connection afterward to see if the situation has been resolved.

Router with a Power Cycle

If you’ve double-checked that the station bandwidth is preset to 2.4GHz, but the LED light bulb still won’t attach to the connection, power cycle the router.

To get there, disconnect the router’s connections and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. This will re-establish the internet connectivity, and there is always a good possibility your problem will be resolved.

Customers have also been known to relocate the router beyond the LED lights’ appropriate limits. As a result, signal strength is reduced, making it more difficult for the gadget to reconnect to wifi.

As a result, to improve the strength of the signal, you should relocate the router adjacent to the LED light bulbs. This would assure that you don’t have any more problems in the future.

Consider using a VPN service.

Another explanation for this issue is that customers’ smartphones have VPN switched on. Unfortunately, this is also why your LED lights can’t connect to the wifi connection.

If you prefer to prevent this problem, then do a double-check that you’re not making use of a proxy connection server. This would almost certainly resolve your problem.

After trying all of the above solutions, your right choice is to approach Feit customer service if your problem persists.

There’s a good possibility your gadget is defective, in which case you should approach your provider and have it replaced. If the insurance is still in operation, getting a replacement order would not be too difficult.

The Feit smart bulbs not connecting to Alexa.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home are also interoperable with Feit lights. Go to the upper left side of the screen and click settings when you first start the Alexa application.

Select Skills and Games from the menu, then type Feit Electric into the search field. Select the enable tab when it displays.

Next, type in the Feit Electric application’s login information. After that, it will ask for your permission.

Afterward, select Done to tell Alexa to detect and connect to your devices automatically. Finally, in the device section, you may enter them.

If the Feit smart bulb doesn’t connect to Alexa, you’ll need to find out the process to get it connected to the application. First, make absolutely sure Alexa and the smart lightbulb are both connected to the same wifi connection.

Then, try disconnecting both the light bulb and Alexa and afterward putting them back in after a short period of time.

If the Feit lamp stops operating after being formerly linked to the Alexa application, try removing it from Alexa by deactivating and then activating the skill.

The Feit Bulb not connecting to Google Assistant.

Select Assistant from the tiny circle in the upper right side of the display on the Google Assistant application. To connect a gadget:

  1. Select the home control menu. You’ll be taken to a menu where you may select Feit Electric.
  2. Register the gadget by entering the login details from the Feit Electric Application.
  3. After you’ve authorized, hit done and go back to your devices to assign a room. 

Smart light bulbs will be immediately linked to Google Assistant whenever you upload them to the Feit Electric app.

If it still doesn’t register, keep in mind that you have a robust WIFI signal and that the Feit light and Google Assistant are connected to the same connection.

Try disconnecting the gadget and Google Assistant, then re-plugging them.

If your additional smart lightbulb was previously managed by Google Home but no longer responds to Google Assistant instructions, you may consider unlinking it from Google and then reconnecting it.

This might help bring the Feit smart light and Google Home back together.