How To Reset Govee Led Lights: An Easy Guide To Follow.

Connecting Govee lights to your Wi-Fi connection and operating them with voice activation is one of the numerous benefits of using them.

Although it may appear futuristic at first, it improves our life by making it easier and more comfortable.

Govee is a manufacturer of smart home gadgets. It provides its consumers with high-quality items at reasonable costs. Govee smart Led bulbs are among the firm’s most well-known goods.

They are useful when you want to personalize your property. They have a slight effect on the cost but significantly improve the appearance of your property.

Despite the fact that Govee provides dependable and high-quality items, they are not without flaws. In this post, we’ll go over some frequent Govee LED light issues and how to solve them.

Nevertheless, like with any gadget, the initial installation might be difficult and frustrating, and difficulties can arise later on. We sometimes have no idea if we’re doing something incorrectly or if the gadget is simply dysfunctional.

Trying to connect Govee lights can occasionally contribute to these kinds of scenarios.

This is how to link Govee lights to a home network in a few simple steps:

Install the Govee Home application from the app store of your choice, whether it’s Google Play for Android gadgets or the App Store for iOS.

The Govee Home application allows you to connect and configure the gadget.

Connect your smartphone or even other controlling gadgets to Bluetooth.

Choose “H6159” from the Govee Home application’s “+” icon in the upper right corner.

To finish the link, continue to follow the instructions carefully.

Navigate to the settings icon on the upper right corner and choose “Using guidance” to link the Govee lighting system to Amazon’s Alexa or other similar applications. Then, continue following the on-screen directions yet again.

How To Reset Govee Led Lights- Troubleshooting

Even though you’ve followed the instructions, the Govee lights may still refuse to link to Wi-Fi connections. If this is the scenario, you may try the following troubleshooting measures prior to actually contacting customer help:

Inspect to see if the internet connection is 2.4G or 5G. These Govee light strips are only compatible with 2.4G broadband.

Verify to see whether your Wi-Fi coverage is adequate to achieve the lights; if not, relocate the lighting system adjacent to the router and see what happens.

Restart the router if necessary. Make sure to turn it off for a minimum duration of 10 seconds, just like you’d with every other gadget that is unable to gain access to the network.

If the gadget does not register, remove it from the application, reset it, and turn off the lighting for 5 to 10 minutes.

Restore the strip lighting back to its default settings. To do the same, turn on the strip lighting, then push the center switch on the control box multiple times while pushing down the main power switch.

Easy Troubleshooting Ideas On How To Reset Govee Led Lights

Govee Led Bulbs Won’t Link to Wi-Fi.

When it comes to smart gadgets, most consumers have difficulty connecting them to Wi-Fi. There might have been several factors why the LED lights aren’t linking to Wi-Fi.

Let’s go through a couple of them to assist you in narrowing down your problem, something that you can then address.

Now, make sure the details you’re entering are correct. Make very sure you’ve inserted all of the lower-case as well as upper-case letters appropriately.

You may also try relocating the router closer to the smart gadget since weak signal coverage can occasionally prevent your LED light strips from connecting to the network.

If the Wi-Fi still doesn’t link to your LED lighting, you’re most likely using a 5.0GHz frequency Wi-Fi connection.

Govee Led bulbs necessitate a 2.4GHz bandwidth connection and will not access a Wi-Fi connection with a 5.0GHz bandwidth.

To modify the Wi-Fi speed, get in the router’s settings menu via the UI. Then, go to channel configurations and change the 5.0GHz channel to 2.4GHz, hit apply as well as save and reboot the router.

After that, go back into your Govee application and reconnect the Led bulbs to the router.

The Colors of LED Lights Do Not Change

Another typical issue with LED lighting is that some colors aren’t visible on the strip. The color blue has been the most commonly malfunctioning. Since blue Led bulbs require a higher voltage to display, they use more power.

The most typical reason for this issue is that the light strips’ voltage is just not spread evenly. A multimeter may be used to measure the voltage production of the outlet.

Compare the reading to the instruction manual’s recommended voltage. Switching the mains adapter, if you’re fortunate, may resolve the problem.

It’s also possible that one of the lighting strip’s connections has been broken, preventing electricity from flowing correctly across the strip.

If you find a broken section of the lighting strip that would be affecting the entire lights to fail, snip it off and reconnect the edges together to repair the undamaged LED strip.

Another thing to remember is that the LED light strips should never be longer than the specified length.

Alexa Doesn’t Operate.

Customers are occasionally unable to control their smart home lights using voice recognition or perhaps the Alexa application, which is a regular issue.

The majority of the time, it’s just a tiny bug in the software, and that nothing is problematic with the led bulbs. You can try the suggested remedies to see if they help you solve the problem.

Disconnect the Led bulbs from the Alexa application manually, and afterward erase all application data after that. Go to your phone’s settings and click

Application settings. Then, look for the Alexa application and open it. After that, go to memory and delete all application data. After that, restart the gadget and launch the Alexa application. Reinstall the light switches and try with voice controls.

If something doesn’t operate or you’re having trouble with something specific, you should approach Govee assistance. They can assist you in resolving any problem you may be having.

Write them an email with a detailed description of your problem and receive a response. In addition, they would give you all the instructions on how to resolve your problem swiftly.