Ankuoo Neo WiFi Light Switch: One of the Best Wireless Light Switch?

Ankuoo is a relatively newer brand introduced in the market. Needless to say, it has proven to be a strong contender against many leading light switch brands, such as the Belkin Wemo WiFi series.

The Ankuoo Neo WiFi Light Switch is wireless, which offers remote control and lights in your home, using the Home Automation App. 

Unfortunately, this light switch doesn’t support Amazon Alexa.

Instead, this WiFi switch allows you to set countdowns, timers, and anti-theft mode using the Neo app from anywhere you are. 

Moreover, the Ankuoo Neo WiFi Light Switch is very simple to install and can even be used with the other switches in your house.

The Ankuoo Neo WiFi Switch doesn’t support a variety of devices. The compatibility is quite restrictive. These switches only work with a single light connection, with a few neutral wires required to work.

This WiFi switch doesn’t work with multi-wire connections. The switch can be used through smartphones or tablets and is conveniently controlled as it doesn’t require a three-way connection.

Key Features of Ankuoo Neo WiFi Light Switch

1. Easy Remote Control

Users can control and manage the lights with remote access anytime from anywhere. 

You can get these switches installed in your home and enjoy the features without any hassles. Moreover, this switch can be controlled manually—download Neo App for free to control.

2. Simple Installation

The best thing about this witch is that it is wireless. You don’t have to understand the complex wiring system to get this device installed—the improved and illustrated user guide to assist you with the whole setup without any hassle.

3. Compatibility

The Ankuoo light switch needs neutral wires at home to work. It connects to 2.4 GHz WiFi bandwidth supporting Single Pole. However, this switch is not compatible with three-way connection wire or load wire switches.

4. Time Scheduling

With Ankuoo smart WiFi switch, you can easily set timers, countdowns, etc., and easily assign a specific time for each task in your house. 

You don’t have to worry about turning off your smart devices or turning off the lights while you are away. You can do all this automatically with easy remote access.

 5. Randomize Lights for Anti-Theft Mode

Enable “Anti-theft Mode” when you’re away, and REC will turn lights on and off randomly. 

You can randomize the lights while you are away by enabling the Anti-Theft Mode. The REC will allow the lights to turn on/off randomly to startle anyone who is trespassing.

 6. Reliable And Safe

The Ankuoo Neo WiFi light switch prevents lightning, power spikes, and surges to let you have a smooth experience without frequent cut-offs.

How Does Ankuoo WiFi Light Switch Work?

best wifi light switch ankuoo neo

During our testing sessions, we noted that Ankuoo switches have some very impressive features.

The response time on this device is exceptional. Our experts had no trouble operating this device.

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Usually, people can connect smart switches and bulbs to the WiFi network to the internet. 

They can also be connected through a central hub. With this, the smart devices can receive commands and process actions from a server operated by the manufacturer that signals the device to turn on and off.

When we talk about the Ankuoo Neo WiFi light switch, you open the app and set the schedules accordingly for your lights to turn on and off at specific intervals.

The app will then send the request as a signal to the server to store it and remember whenever the outlet has to turn the lights on or off. 

Finally, a command will be sent from the server to the switch at the scheduled time, and it will turn the house lights on or off. 

Thus, the Ankuoo Neo WiFi smart light switch’s functioning completely depends on the internet connection in your house being active.

The Ankuoo smart switch is quite similar to the home automation devices on the market today. 

The cloud does the real tasks. The smart devices follow the commands and process the actual.

It does differ from some home automation hubs, such as the advanced Staples Connect and SmartThings v2 hub

They can locally store and control your smart devices without having an internet connection. For some, it is a concern, but it doesn’t matter for others as they have an active speedy internet connection.

Things We Like

Things We Don't Like

Ankuoo Neo WiFi Light Switch Range

We have seen many comments on the internet where users have reported that they faced issues with the setup and control systems of the WeMo switches. 

There were similar questions regarding the Ankuoo Neo WiFi Light switch.

While we went through the user manual and tried setting up the device ourselves, it was quite easy. 

We had no hassles with setting up and controlling the device. The user was quite elaborative and simple to follow.

The range on the device is pretty impressive. So unless you have a huge house with poor wireless coverage, you can go with this device. You won’t even need to add a range extender to get the appropriate range coverage.

 Also, there is an Invisible Mode. If you don’t wish anyone to pry or control your NEO switch, you can activate the Invisible mode during installation.

How to Get Started?

Once you have installed the Ankuoo Neo WiFi light switch, the setup in the very easy app, this switch is very simple to connect and convenient to use.

Just follow the steps below to connect yours:

  • Turn on the power
  • Launch the app and click on the menu button
  • Click on Add Device
  • From there, you can follow the tutorial to connect to your network

Once you have added the switch to the network, then rename it if you wish. You can also select an icon to set or even click a picture of your own to use. 

The app’s interface is premium, very simple, highly responsive, and stable.

The smart app has been made to be so user-friendly that it took us by surprise too. The scheduling and setting procedures are very smooth and hassle-free.

Final Verdict

The Ankuoo Neo WiFi light smart switch is surely one of the best options in switches on the market in 2021. 

Ankuoo is a relatively affordable brand for the features it offers. Compared to other devices in the same category, the Ankuoo light switch lets you control and manage your lights remotely, without even being home.

It is very easy to set up and run, which offers you the ease of use over the house lights. 

It lets you set the schedules, timer, countdowns, etc. so that you don’t miss any important event or alert while you are away.

The additional significant feature is the Theft mode on this device. You can activate this anti-theft mode to make it seem like your home. Thus, you can avoid severe burglary or unforeseen incidents in your house.

The number of sensors that are compatible with this device is limited. You don’t get many options when it comes to the WiFi security system currently on the market. 

The smart Ankuoo switch is a great source to experience appliance automation and home lighting with an affordable price range and minimal hassle.