What to do if Honeywell Thermostat Backlight Not Working?

If you are also facing the Honeywell Thermostat Backlight Not Working issue, we will give you some possible solutions in this guide.

There have been reports about Honeywell thermostats from the users. Users have said that their Honeywell Thermostat has uncontrollable temperature levels, the backlight on the screen doesn’t work, frequent short cycling, and problems with the air conditioner.

Honeywell Thermostats, both analog and digital, are very durable and reliable. However, they still have experienced some working flaws over time.

Mainly such faults have been common with the screen. For example, if the screen goes blank, sometimes the backlight will abruptly stop too, which will let you read the details on the screen and control the thermostat after that.

This article has listed both reasons and solutions to know the causes of your Honeywell Thermostat Backlight Not Working and fix it accordingly.

Honeywell Thermostat Backlight Not Working: Causes And Fixes

1. Check the Batteries

One of the basic reasons for your thermostats to malfunction can be the battery. If the backlight on your thermostat is not working, the batteries will probably die and need to be replaced.

In such cases, the thermostat’s screen might appear blank, don’t respond, or keep flashing. In addition, if you have a battery-powered thermostat, you won’t be able to keep the backlight on continuously.

After you install fresh batteries, you will be able to access and control your Honeywell Thermostat flawlessly.

2. Check the Wiring

This is yet another potential reason why your Honeywell Thermostat backlight is not working. Some thermostats are battery-powered, while others are connected with the electrical system of your house.

If your thermostat isn’t battery-powered and still malfunctioning, then we suggest you look for some wiring issues that might have occurred.

For example, one of the wirings might have tripped and disturbed the backlight on your thermostat. If such is the case, then try resetting the circuit breaker.

3. Look for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker

Tripping of a circuit breaker or a blown fuse is a common occurrence in a smart home. If your thermostat’s backlight has stopped working abruptly, then you should look for a blown fuse or some circuit breaker that might have been tripped.

Often such issues are caused by uncertain power surges.

In case you find a tripped circuit breaker, you can flip it back. Likewise, if there is a blown fuse, you can replace it with a new one.

But if the new fuse blows too or the circuit breaker trips again, then your HVAC may be the problem. In such a case you should contact a technician to look into it.

4. Check on the HVAC safety switch

The tripped wiring can disturb the signals, and your thermostat might not get the messages properly, which will not turn off the HVAC system.

This might be another reason for the backlight on the thermostat not working properly.

If some of your units are tripped, the particular transformer that supplies voltage to that unit will restrict power. Once the power is stopped, the backlight on the thermostat stops working.

5. Try opening the furnace door

Sometimes the furnace door is left open or not closed properly. It will cause the backlight to stop working and turn off the thermostat.

This is a minor issue that can be sensitive to some thermostats.  

All you need to ensure is that the furnace door is closed securely. This will help you prevent any issues that you might have with the backlight on the thermostat.

6. Defective thermostats

If your thermostat has been installed a while back and has become quite old, it might malfunction quite frequently. Sometimes, if the thermostat is too old, even changing the batteries and other ways mentioned above to secure the thermostat doesn’t work.

Honeywell Thermostats are known for their durability. They offer a safe and secure environment for your home. Honeywell Thermostat has a life of about 10-20 years and can run for a significant period without wearing it out.

If you are sure that your Honeywell thermostat has become old and is therefore malfunctioning, then you can either call a technician to get it fixed, or you can get a new one.         

7. Check your Settings

It can also be that the display and backlight are active, but your thermostat is still not working properly as it should. In such cases, we suggest you go through the settings on your thermostat.

Sometimes, you have set some incorrect settings regarding time or days, which might cause your thermostat not to work properly.

Go through your settings if you, too, are facing this issue. First, make sure the jumpers are set correctly to which then puts your HVAC system rightly.

After this, check the temperature sensor that keeps the backlight on your Honeywell Thermostat.