Echo Dot Setup Blank Screen – How To Fix It?

Are you facing an issue of echo dot setup blank screen? It might just be a simple problem of minor bugs or compatibility.

Most of these fixes can be done from home without the help of a service center.

From this article, you will understand several ways to overcome the issue of an echo dot setup showing a blank screen.

DIY Fix: Echo Dot Setup Blank Screen

Tip 1

In most cases, the issue of an Echo dot showing a blank screen is caused by bugs. The bugs may infiltrate the Echo dot device or the smartphone you will be using to set the Echo dot.

The quick fix for this issue is to restart both devices. This will erase the bugs and you will be able to connect the devices with ease.

Tip 2

The Echo dot has certain ‘skills’ such as productivity, entertainment, shopping, and the like. Sometimes, these skills may not be compatible with your Echo dot and hence it responds with a blank screen.

This issue can be fixed by removing all the ‘Skills’ that you feel are unnecessary. You can enable or disable skills by using the Alexa web browser or app.

Tip 3 

If you have tried the above tips and it has failed you, there is another way to resolve the issue.

You may restart the device and update the ‘firmware’ in the app. Most Echo dot setup blank screen issues are caused by faulty settings and bugs.

Tip 4 

You may try restarting your Echo Dot as a final resort before contacting customer support. Ensure that you clear the app data and uninstall the Alexa app.

Restart your device and install the latest version of the Alexa app. This is most likely to solve the issue of your echo dot showing a blank screen.