ActionTiles Alternative: The Best Digital Marketing Tools For Your Organization

There’s no denying that ActionTiles is amazing software. 

It has been the number one choice for many people in project management or collaboration tools and even provides a great way to work remotely.

However, do you love ActionTiles, but wish it had some more features? If so, then there are plenty of ActionTiles alternatives out there that will help you get the job done.

Why do we need ActionTiles alternatives?

  • ActionTiles’s integration with Microsoft Office is not as good as other tools.
  • There’s no native mobile app available for the system, so you’ll need to use their web application which can be clunky at times, or they offer an iOS ActionTiles App, but it has a low rating due to bugs missing features.
  • Teams that aren’t using Outlook will only work if people are in different time zones because it relies on tasks syncing over email. You also cannot add attachments from your PC like you can when using some other platforms.
  • Not every team member may have access to all documents stored within the platform, leading to conflicts since everyone isn’t always privy to what others are working on.
  • When managing multiple projects and shifting things around, it’s hard to find what task belongs to what project because of ActionTiles’ lack of sorting functionality.
  • The free version is limited in features which can prevent some people from finding a good fit for their needs since the best subscription plan they offer starts at $49/month per user (or more if using Enterprise). That might not be an issue for a lot of teams. Still, smaller companies or solo entrepreneurs may want something that fits better into their budget without sacrificing too many important features.

We are experienced tech reviewers who have worked on and experimented with several ActionTiles Alternatives.

We’ve compiled a list of five alternatives below, so you have options when considering your next collaboration tool. Read on to find the detailed explanation of each ActionTiles alternative!

A Detailed Description of all the Best picks for an ActionTiles Alternative:


Main Features:

  • Compatible with SmartThings Hub
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Can set automation rules on different devices
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • 15 tiles free for long-term customers
  • One of the best alternatives for ActionTiles
Editor's Rating

SharpTools is a web app designed to help control your smart home electronics all together in one dashboard. may be the closest alternative to ActionTiles. In some aspects, SharpTools may even prove to be better than Action tiles. 

Sharp tools are compatible with SmartThings Hub as well as the Habitat Hub. In addition, you can customize your dashboard/s according to your preference.

It has a special feature that allows it to set automation rules through different devices. 

The SharpTools app is visually more attractive than the Action Tiles app and easier to use. It can take care of your time schedules, respond to if/else commands, and send notifications and event reminders

You can have a 14 day free trial with this app and enjoy a special offer of 15 tiles free if you opt for the long-term option!

To know more about, visit their website now!

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Bottom Line

The SharpTools app is worth considering when looking for an alternative for ActionTiles. It has the best value for money with the most customizable features. 

2. ThingsTwin Dashboard

Main Features:

  • loT system API/MQTT
  • Drag-drop tool
  • It is compatible with SmartThings as well as several other hubs
  • You can sync the devices with laptops or tablets, or phones.
  • Bird view of home layout
  • Secure Authentication
Editor's Rating

The ThingsTwin panel is a great alternative for ActionTiles. 

This platform can work with SmartThings and their devices much like the previous option. Although ThingsTwin is compatible with other hubs like Philips Hue, Samsung Galaxy, Honeywell, etc.

They offer a bird view vision of your room as a home layout that helps elders or kids learn how to use the system easily. In addition, the ThingsTwin offers loT system API/MQTT, and they have secured authentication systems and a drag-drop feature.

The Drag-drop tool helps you build the Dashboard easily and control all your smart devices in real-time. It is truly a great alternative to ActionTiles, with a large array of icons and furniture.

You can look into more details of the application by visiting the ThingsTwin website.

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Bottom Line

The ThingsTwin panel is an excellent alternative for ActionTiles. It offers a bird view home layout feature and drag-drop tool to help anyone control the interface easily.

3. EchoSistant

The new features of EchoSistant 5.0 include:

  • New reminder features: You can delay or schedule your to-do list if you get busy during the day.
  • Multiple rooms: The new Echosistant can help you control devices around all your rooms up to 25 room spaces without any glitch!
  • Room Skill creation and deployment can be done automatically through EchoSistant.
  • You can give Alexa multiple commands in one go.
  • The improved system helps Alexa learn quicker, so Alexa not understanding your commands won’t be a problem anymore. 
  • You can even delay your commands, telling Alexa to switch on the lights in 15 minutes, etc. 
  • Alexa gives better feedback now for proper interaction.
Editor's Rating

Echosistant is for amazon devices. So you can control the Amazon Echo devices through one platform. 

You can do anything from changing the room’s temperature to playing music and turning the lights on and off. All by using small informal sentences like “Alexa, it’s hot in here.”

The Echosistant is a bridge between you and Alexa. It helps you interact with your smart home easily and efficiently. For example, you can turn the lights on/off, use your kitchen appliances, even use your massage chair, all in one place.

You can build your SmartThings layout easily on this app.

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Bottom Line

EchoSistant is the best interface for all your Echo Devices and smart appliances.

4. SmartThings App

Main Features:

  • You can set up a whole-house automation system
  • Thermostat on vacation mode
  • SmartThings app sends alerts in case of leaks or fire detection. 
  • Monitor home with a video feed
  • Various Security features are available
Editor's Rating

How can we discuss alternatives for ActionTiles- a platform that controls SmartThings devices- without mentioning the SmartThings app?

You can set up a whole-house automation system and control it from your phone.

SmartThings app sends alerts when doors are opened, detects motion in specific areas, or even if water leaks happen inside the home.

You can turn appliances on or off remotely with just one touch of a button! Are you going to bed? Turn off all the lights for an easy goodnight routine that requires no work at all.

You can also put your thermostat on vacation mode, so it doesn’t turn back on while you’re gone! You never have to worry about forgetting anything again; SmartThings will take care of everything for you automatically.

There are several different types of alerts and notifications you can set up in the app, too.

SmartThings also lets you monitor your home with live video feeds from many different cameras!

And if security is a concern of yours, SmartThings has got this covered as well. For example, you can control any door locks or lights to deter intruders—or even scare them off by turning on all the lights, so they’ll think someone is home (even when you’re away).

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Bottom Line

SmartThings as an alternative is a fantastic app that lets you control your home from anywhere. You can connect to a variety of devices and automate them with the touch of a button.

5. WebCoRe

Main Features:

  • Web-based CAFM
  • Compatible with SmartThings
  • Pseudo Script language
  • Free app
Editor's Rating

WebCoRe is a web interface designed to work with Samsung SmartThings. The Dashboard can be deemed as a turbocharger for the SmartThings automation. 

The WebCoRe features include providing help with automation scenarios for user customization. 

The pseudo script language provided by WebCoRe is easy to understand by all the users, which makes the platform very popular among youngsters. 

As WebCore is also known as a rule engine, all their scripts are called Piston. The best part about WebCoRe is that it’s free. 

Learn more about WebCore and its services from the main website.

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Bottom Line

The WebCore can easily handle a rule engine with pseudo script language that can help you turn data into money! It is also completely free of cost.


You should take the above features into account while you’re choosing an alternative for ActionTiles. 

However, the main reasons to concentrate on are your preferences and overall comfort. 

Think of the above alternatives of ActionTiles as a controller for your home devices. 

The dashboard of the interface should be easy to use as well as fun and interactive. They should provide different options like Kitchen Dashboard, Home office Dashboard, etc.

If you are confused about which smart hub to choose between, SmartThings or Hubitat, check out our article on Hubitat vs SmartThings: Let’s Pick The Best One now!

Then come back and choose among these amazing Dashboard choices carefully and start making your home- smart and you- tech-savvy now!