Lutron Diva Vs Maestro: Which One Is The Better Option?

Technological progress has opened up a route for these gadgets, and a large range of these intelligent devices is being produced and put on the market there. 

You can pick two alternatives for intelligent switching options offering expanded control over your lights: Lutron Diva vs Maestro.

These switches are the wisest option if you really want something more than the usual and if you do want to explore the lighting in your house more conveniently and pleasantly.

Lutron Diva Vs Maestro

Lutron Diva

Lutron Diva C.L Dimmer for Dimmable LED

The Diva has been put to the test with all of the main brands and is interoperable with hundreds of lightbulbs.

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The Lutron Diva is a smart switch gadget by Lutron. There are other Lutron available options, but this one serves the job well because it is the most equivalent, with Maestro having several commonalities and some variances. 

You will also be shown a compatibility table so that you can make informed bulb purchases for your house.

The finest feature of Diva is the switching module, which employs a very sensitive slider mechanism and offers over 250 illumination settings. 

That means you will not have to select between the preset lighting intensities; instead, you may choose anything you want.

Furthermore, it can operate with dimmable lights up to 150 watts and Halogen bulbs up to 600 watts. 

It employs Lutron’s proprietary technology to maximize the dimmer band of your light without interfering with other dimmers in the house.

Another fantastic feature of this bulb is that it can be configured to link with up to 17 other bulbs. 

You may even put two additional switches in two different locations, allowing you to control the lights from any off the switch that you choose. Installation is also quite simple, and you can expect a seamless installation procedure to take no more than 15 minutes.


  • Existing designer-style matches
  • Features a big slider and a large paddle switch
  • Displayed on 3-way models if the light from more than one place is regulated
  • Now available – 0-10VDC dimmer for 0-10V fluorescing ballasts and LED drivers with 3-way capability, no separate power pack needed.
  • Compatible Claro or Satin Color wall plates.
  • LED+ versions are available for dynamic CFL and LED lights; these models include HED technology that enhances their dimming ability.
  • Standard RFI deletion for power failure memories
  • Laboratories and the Association of Canadian Standards listed
  • Unless otherwise stated, Lutron controls are rated at 120 VAC and 60 Hz.


Lutron MA-L3S25-WH Maestro Dual Dimmer and Switch

Maestro has 3-way compatibility so that three light control switches may be used as compared to 2 Diva switches.

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Maestro is yet another excellent switch choice available from the Lutron smart switch lineup. 

It is also on the lower end of the price range for these smart switches, so don’t expect it to have all the advanced functionality that most current switches have.

It does have wireless connectivity, but not through Wi-Fi. However, it does contain a smart remote that is quite useful and can regulate the lights in your house or workplace from a reasonable distance.

Maestro is fundamentally a more complex version of Diva, with notable features including a full spectrum of designer lighting controls, as well as fan control systems, sensors, and timers, implying that you have more possibilities than with the basic Diva, which can only be used for lights.

In addition, additional programming capabilities have been introduced, making it easier to use and giving you total control over your house lights and fans. 

A delayed fade-to-off option also exists that lets you walk out of the room after the switch is turned off and takes a while to place the lights in the room entirely. 

This contains several extra intelligent features which are a godsend, such as power failure memory, which recalls your power failure configuration so that you do not have to schedule the button or readjust the lighting once the power is restored.


  • Maestro provides you with a complete variety of designer light controls, fan controls, sensors, and timers to change your lights and fans in your room and even outside your home.
  • LED+ versions with or without occupancy sensing for dimmable CFL and Led bulbs are available with HED Technology, which increases the effectiveness of dimming these lights
  • With adjustable dimming and color-changing plastics, screw connections, and an optionally neutral connection, the PRO LED+ variant offers maximum versatility and performance for the pros.
  • Customized greater light control with additional complex programming possibilities
  • Dimmers provide you customized delays that allow you to leave a room before the lights go off.
  • Dimming LEDs illuminate gently in the dark and show preset lights off while they’re lighting.
  • 3-way dimming for ease of installation and upgrade compatible multi-location dimming.
  • Add dimmers from up to 10 places to decrease.
  • Memory for power failure (Maestro remembers your settings even after a power interruption)
  • Higher deletion of radio and TV interference
  • Matching Underwriters’ laboratories and the Association of Canadian Standards mentioned are Claro gloss or Satin Color wallplates
  • Unless otherwise stated, Lutron controls are rated at 120 VAC and 60 Hz.

Alternatives for Control: Lutron diva vs maestro

A Pico Wireless Remote Control may be used to regulate both the Lutron and the Maestro wireless systems. 

For example, you could use the Pico Wireless remote to switch your lights in and out and lower them almost anywhere in the home. The remote should function normally as long as you seem to be within 100 feet of the switch.

If needed, you may attach up to 9 Pico remote controllers to a single switch or dimmer with both Lutron and Maestro systems. 

Thus, the Pico is an excellent method to automate the lighting in the smart home, with the additional benefit of being able to manage it from anywhere.

Lutron allows the user to operate not just the light using the Pico remote control, but it can also be controlled with your smartphone.

You will need a Smart Bridge Pro or a Lutron Smart Bridge to utilize your smartphone. 

Those bridges are connected to the Internet connection so that you may utilize your smartphone remotely. 

When you buy a system from Lutron, you will generally find the Lutron Smart Bridge within the package.

Using Smart Bridge Pro, you may connect up to fifty devices on your smartphone, all of which are controlled via the Lutron app. 

The beauty of the Smart Bridge Pro is that you would not need to be in your house to operate the lights. Now, as long as you have the internet, you can operate them from wherever.

You’re able to make schedules and switch your lights away from anywhere using the smartphone application. 

Lutron is also used in its Smart Away app, which makes it appear like it’s at home, sporadically switching on and off specific lights all day and night long.

Maestro is not doing well with its dimmer switches when it comes to Smart Bridge Pro from Lutron. 

This implies that in comparison to Lutron’s dimmers, you have less control over your lighting system. Only Pico remote controllers will allow you to operate Maestro switches and dimmers.

Types of control: Lutron diva vs maestro

The Lutron wireless system offers one, triple, and multiple location control types, whilst the Maestro system gives multiple location-based, single and wireless choices. 

Although there is no big distinction between the two technologies, it should be said to utilize your wireless illumination for different location settings.

Cost: Lutron diva vs maestro

There is no significant difference in costs between the Lutron wireless system and the Maestro wireless system. 

This price type is unwise, particularly since the Lutron offers much too many capabilities and integration features as compared with the Maestro system.

The remote Pico costs are the same in both WLCs, but you also need the Lutron Smart Bridge or Smart Bridge Pro to purchase Lutron. 

As noted above, Smart Bridges can manage up to 50 wireless devices, not to forget the other advantages it offers.


Diva’s got a dimmer slider. This type comes with a standard, 0-10 volt, low voltage magnet. 

As a result, you get both bright and sophisticated color selections. Colors Maestro is also decorative in design and has some intelligent capabilities that allow you to set up a dimmer on the opposite side of multiple arrangements and tweak them from both ends.

Thus, in essence, both are Lutron’s finest solutions. 

Moreover, you have a decent concept of all their characteristics now, so you are able to pick amongst them depending on the features you want for your house.