LIFX Not Connecting To Homekit: Common Issues And Their Solutions

LIFX LED bulbs can interface to your home’s Wi-Fi network and be controlled by voice using Apple HomeKit. However, the two gadgets must be linked to manage your LIFX lightbulb with your HomeKit.

Therefore we prepared all the information to assist you in connecting the two gadgets and troubleshooting any connectivity difficulties.

To work with Apple HomeKit, a LIFX lightbulb must have the most recent firmware. If necessary, install and update the LIFX application. If the bulb still doesn’t link to HomeKit, try resetting it and pairing it with HomeKit. Make sure the HomeKit code is accurate.

There are numerous troubleshooting techniques to attempt because there are multiple reasons why your LIFX lightbulb may not interface to the HomeKit.

This article will assist you in identifying the source of the LIFX not connecting problem and swiftly resolving it.

LIFX Not Connecting To Homekit: Troubleshoot

Apple HomeKit was not designed to work with LIFX light bulbs at first. In 2017, this feature was made available.

To link an older LIFX lightbulb with your HomeKit, you may also need to upgrade the device’s firmware or reset it to factory default.

Nevertheless, because some earlier versions of LIFX lights are not interoperable with HomeKit, the very first action is to check if your LIFX lightbulb is interoperable.

LIFX Not Connecting To Homekit: Firmware Updates

If you bought your LIFX lightbulb before the company linked its lights with Apple’s HomeKit, you’d update the firmware to make it HomeKit compatible.

To upgrade the LIFX firmware, follow these simple steps:

  • On your smartphone or tablet, launch the LIFX application.
  • To update a light bulb, simply tap on it.
  • Select “Upgrade” from the Firmware menu. If it shows “up to date,” out-of-date firmware isn’t the source of your connectivity issues.
  • If you have several LIFX bulbs, they will all be updated at about the same time, if any are obsolete. If there are any lights you don’t want to update right now, switch them off before pressing the “Upgrade” button.

Resetting The Lifx Bulb

It’s necessary to reset the LIFX lightbulb if you’ve upgraded the firmware, but this still won’t register to HomeKit. Take the actions listed below to get started.

  • Switch on the LIFX light.
  • At least five times, at every two-second interval, turn the light off and on.
  • It has been effectively reset when the light begins to flash between its different color selections. You’ll have to re-configure the light in the LIFX application now.
  • The + symbol may be found on the application’s main page.
  • “LIFX & HomeKit Set-Up” is the option to choose.
  • Select “Start” from the menu.

LIFX Bulbs Not Connecting- Common Problems And Their Solutions

The LIFX Light Has Been Disconnected

The disconnection of LIFX lights from the smartphone app is a fairly regular issue. So naturally, this irritates a lot of customers even though the whole point of getting these smart lights was to be able to manage them remotely.

Considering how many lights you have in your house, you can attempt one of two options.

Furthermore, if only a single LIFX lamp is not working and you can’t get it to connect, the problem is most likely due to a light switch put in the power socket. Keep in mind the power outlet is switched and see if it solves the problem.

If you’ve had a lot of LIFX bulbs and they’re all giving you the same error, the problem is most likely with your router.

It would be best if you double-check that your Wi-Fi settings are set to 2.4GHz rather than 5GHz since smart home gadgets cannot function on a 5GHz connection.

Changing the Wi-Fi channel from auto to 11,6 or 1 is just another option. If the problem persists, you must send a support request using the LIFX website.

Unresponsive LIFX Lights

It’s possible that the Airtime Fairness or Wi-Fi Multi-Media option in your network is causing your LIFX bulbs to be inactive when you start the application.

Your LIFX lights may appear in your application as unresponsive as a result of this. Due to their limited bandwidth, these features prevent LIFX lights from appearing on the network.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to these troubles: simply disable these functionalities in your router’s advanced settings. For example, disabling Airtime Fairness or the Wi-Fi Multi-Media functionality will almost certainly fix the problem.

If the router does not have such functions, check for the QOS or Optimize AMPDU options and deactivate these as well. This will create a proper operating environment for your LIFX lights.

LIFX Light Doesn’t Show Up In The Networks

Another typical issue is that the LIFX network does not display in the network list when the lightbulb is connected to the network.

To begin, check to see if your LIFX bulb is blinking bright or dim white since this indicates that it is in rescue mode. This prevents the bulbs from broadcasting a network, and that is why they are absent from your network list.

Your LIFX smart light bulb should be reset as soon as possible. To do so, just switch it on and off five times in a row, then wait thirty seconds before opening your Wi-Fi settings.

Next, reconnect to the LIFX network mentioned there, and then the bulbs should start functioning again.

LIFX is not turning on

It’s quite probable that your LIFX lights are damaged or defective if they aren’t switching up.

If you recently purchased them but are using them for maybe the first time, there really is a good possibility that they were damaged during shipment.

First and foremost, simply plug them into a different outlet since outlets might be defective, causing your LIFX bulbs not to come on.

If it continues to be unresponsive, you should approach the supplier and request a refund or exchange.

These were among the most frequent LIFX light issues and how to fix them. If your problem isn’t listed here, consult LIFX support and file a support request. They are certain to assist you in resolving your issue.