LIFX Light Won’t Connect: How To Troubleshoot The Problem?

With the assistance of technology, smart home technologies are altering the way we used to look at our homes and all of our experiences, and technology has made our lives a lot more convenient. 

LIFX is, however, one brand that offers a variety of lighting solutions that will provide you with all the other excitement you should have in your everyday life, as well as the convenience of connecting them to your smartphone app over Wi-Fi and managing all of the functionalities from the touch of your fingers.

LIFX offers a plethora of lighting options, including game lighting, TV illumination, LED strips, down bulbs, as well as outdoor lighting. LIFX connectivity is flawless, and no problems have been encountered with the lamps in particular.

However, if you’re having trouble where your LIFX light won’t connect to the application, follow these steps.

LIFX Light Won’t Connect- Simple Fixes

1) Reset the Light Bulb

The very first step is to reset the light. If one has a power switch, which is typically found on outdoor lighting, press it for almost 10-15 seconds, and this will automatically reset the light bulb.

If the switch isn’t there on the smart lightbulb and yet you still can’t link it to your smartphone application, unplug it and wait 30 seconds or longer.

Afterward, put the lightbulb back into the socket, and then it will be synced to the application without any problems.

2) Examine your router and connection to the internet.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a good internet connection with enough bandwidth for the data to be sent across the network from the application to the lightbulb and that it can connect without any problems.

Considering the fact since the internet plays a significant role, you should double-check your network settings to ensure everything is in working order.

You’ll need to verify the router’s MAC filtering as well as make absolutely sure it’s allowing new gadgets to be connected.

You should also make sure that the router does not operate at the 5GHz band. To link the LIFX lightbulb to the network and utilize it simply, set the frequency to 2.4GHz.

If all appears to be in order, you may just restart the router to be safe.

3) Disconnect from the internet through a virtual private network (VPN).

You must ensure that your smartphone and router do not have VPN activated in order to connect your LIFX lightbulb to the network.

If you’ve been using a VPN app, you’ll need to uninstall it first, then restart your smartphone to reconnect.

This should work for you the vast majority of the time, and then you’ll be ready to use the program without experiencing any connectivity difficulties.

You should also check whether your smartphone has a VPN activated, as this may be disguising your traffic and preventing you from connecting with the lights because you should be on the same network for best communication with LIFX lights.

Therefore, turn off the VPN, reconnect to your Wi-Fi router, and afterward connect to the light bulb.

Thereafter, you will now have resolved the problem and will be able to use it without any problems.

4) Your router has to be reset.

The first step is to restore the default settings on the router. This would not only resolve any difficulties with settings but will also help you to set up the router to access the LIFX lighting as needed.

If you have a router with a conventional configuration and not just a high-tech router, resetting this must suffice. However, if the problem persists, there are a few steps to take when your LIFX light won’t connect.

5) Setting Up Your Router

If you’ve already reset the router and lightbulb, there are a few configurations to double-check. First, make very sure your router is set to 2.4GHz rather than 5GHz, as LIFX does not support 5GHz.

If you think it’s fairly safe, you may also try deactivating the password for a while to see if it solves the problem.