ISY Finder Not Found? How to Fix It?

ISY assists you in customizing home devices according to your requirements. In addition, ISY will help you in adding restricted conditions.

Although it is very convenient and helpful, setting this device up for some users can be a little complex. For example, several users have voiced concerns about setting up showing ‘ISY Finder not Found.’

They have explained that whenever they try to set up their device, they see an error text response saying, “ISY Finder not Found.”

This has been quite common amongst people using Insteon devices. If you have been experiencing the same, then there is no need to worry.

This article lists a couple of ways that you can try to troubleshoot such issues you are facing. Just follow these, and you would be able to resolve your issues in no time.

Try Rebooting the System

The very first and basic thing you can try is to reboot the system entirely. To do this, you should first go to the admin controls to reboot your system.

You can also try unplugging the power. You must now wait for about 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

Now, check again if the device is displayed on the router. If it starts showing on the router, that means you have successfully fixed the issue. However, in case it still does not proceed on to the next step.

Try Factory Resetting

This is one step that has proved most effective to a lot of users in fixing their problems. Doing so will need you to get some pointy object. Now, hold the reset button down on the console for nearly around 20-30 seconds. 

After this, you should notice an error light blinking on the console with every second. Keep the reset button held down until the error lights go off or start flashing rapidly.

Once you have noticed this, you should wait until the console boots back and then access it from your admin panel.

We understand that it can be quite annoying for certain users where they have to run all the configurations from the start and then pair the devices.

Hence, this option can be a great substitution. Besides this, if you do not have any problem reprogramming the console, you can easily reset the ISY device without any hassle.

Check the Ports

Coming on to the next step, you should also stop to check the ports. Make sure that all the ports are connected following the instructions from the user manual.

You should ensure that the PLM is connected to the ISY device Port A. You also need to check if the network cable is properly connected to the port on your ISY device.

Contact Customer Support

The issue of ‘ISY finder not found’ should have been fixed by now. But still, if all of the ways mentioned above do not resolve your issues, we suggest you contact customer support and get advice from the experts. 

You can explain the problems you are facing, and the support team will provide you with some troubleshooting steps. If the pain is severe and highly technical, you can call a technician at your doorstep to examine your device closely.

Once he understands the glitch on your device, he can guide you to fix your problem.

Opening tickets on a tech forum or community can also prove to be highly helpful as various users from across the globe who have faced a similar issue might provide you with appropriate suggestions that worked for them in solving the problems.