How To Set Honeywell Thermostat?

It is essential to understand the distinctions between the various settings. For example, if you have central heating or cooling in the house, you probably have a central thermostat to manage it.

Regardless of whether it is programmable or not, thermostats will contain many of the same settings, such as fan, heating, and cooling choices.

Switch the fan on. You’ll probably have “on” or “auto” as fan choices. By selecting “on,” you’ll activate your system’s fan, which will circulate air around the property without heating or cooling it.

The fan will continue indefinitely if the “on” setting is selected. When the fan is set to “auto,” it will only switch on while the heat or air conditioning is turned on and is required to be fanned.

  • The fan’s “on” setting is often regarded as a loss of power since moving so much air on a continuous basis requires a significant amount of power. As a result, the majority of people just use the “auto” setting on the fan.
  • Most folks use the “on” setting to remove air from a house merely—for example, if something burns while frying and you need to circulate sufficient air to eradicate the odor.

Turn on the air conditioning. To cycle between heating, cooling, and of choices, your thermostat will probably feature a little switch on the faceplate or a cycle button, based on the type.

By adjusting the switch or pressing the button till the “cool” setting is reached, you may prepare the system to cool the house.

On the thermostat display, there will be a number. This number represents the temperature on your property. Adjust the desired temperature for your home using the up and down arrows on the thermostat.

A distinct display number that also corresponds to the temperature you choose will appear.

  • As the device activates and switches on the air conditioning to drop the temperature in the property to the setting you’ve specified, you’ll probably hear a snap.
  • The system will operate until the property achieves the desired temperature, subsequently switch off, and only switch back on when the inside thermometer indicates that the space is hotter than the desired temperature.
  • You may turn the system off at any moment by pressing the same button or key.

Turn on the heat. Choosing your thermostat’s heat is fairly similar to setting the cooling option. To cycle through, keep pressing the same button or key until you approach “hot.”

The very same arrows that you were using to determine the cooling temperature may now be used to adjust the heating temperature.

The mechanism will only operate if the internal thermometer detects that the ambient space temperature is lower than the predetermined setting.

You might even notice an “EM heat” or “emergency heat” option on the thermostat, especially for those who live in a chilly climate. In the event that the bigger system fails or freezes during the wintertime, this option corresponds to a separate electric heating system in residence.

While testing the emergency heating setting on a regular basis is not a bad idea, you should stick to the conventional heat setting all-day operations.

Temperature Adjustment

Simply press the up and down buttons on a simple Honeywell thermostat to change the temperature.

However, with a programmable thermostat, you’re not restricted with the settings you’ve previously programmed into the thermostat when the temperature drops or when you just need to get a switch.

On the programmable thermostat, navigate to the options menu and select schedule. The daily schedule or time period will be shown.

Specify the time span for which you just want to set the thermostat, if it’s a certain day of the week or a timeframe of one or even more occasions. Set a schedule in 15-min intervals by clicking on the + and – symbols.

Then, select the temperature tab. This will help you to adapt to the desired heating or cooling setting. Next, click the chosen tab, but do not let go immediately off.

Instead, try to hold it unless it says “done.” Lastly, tap pick once more to preserve your updated temperature monitoring.

Changing Your Current Temperature

Perhaps it’s a blisteringly hot afternoon, and you’d like to keep your sitting room a little cooler than normal.

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve simply returned after a day spent outside in the chill and would like your house to be a little warmer than usual. In any scenario, you may not want to tamper with your preset temps.

You may temporarily overrule the setting by merely increasing or reducing your temperature preset. This will not permanently modify the thermostat configurations. Instead, the term “temporary” will show on the screen.

That temperature will persist until the specified time for the changes in temperature starts, at which point your thermostat will return to its original configuration.

If you wish to maintain the temperature over or below the preset value for an unlimited period of time, hit the hold key. Whenever you do that, the phrase “hold” will appear on display.

Then, when you’re ready, hit the “run” tab to stop the override and revert to your preset configuration.

Keep in mind that once you alter the temperature, the thermostat will display the current temperature until the space heats or cools to the adjusted temperature.

What Are the Benefits of Programming Your Thermostat?

When you reduce your energy use when sleeping or away from home, you avoid air conditioning in a place that isn’t being used.

The latest programmable thermostats come with seven-day digital choices, touch displays, and default settings, making it simple to restore the heating and cooling routine to its default settings.

Using Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant, you might be capable of operating the thermostat from anywhere.

Keep in mind your programmable thermostat is interoperable with your current HVAC system before you buy one. When it comes to scheduling, there are a variety of possibilities, so find one that suits you.

There are simple thermostats that modify regular temperatures naturally, seven-day thermostats which offer you to arrange a complete week, and five-two-day thermostats that enable you to select temperatures during weekdays and weekends.

How to Override a Honeywell Thermostat at Home?

To reach the Honeywell programmable thermostat fn keys, wall units have a screen window topped by a hard casing with a glass, which you’ll have to pull off.

Next, locate the display key and hold it there while pressing the off-key on some other Honeywell programmable thermostats.

Continue to press the display key while letting go of the off-key. Next, carefully push the up arrow key while also holding the display key. At the same moment, start releasing all pushed buttons.

The thermostat will now be in manual mode. Technology is constantly evolving. Please search online for the most renowned models and instructions on how to acquire access to the Honeywell thermostat override settings.

You may pick a fresh temperature with the temperature arrows on some Honeywell products, then hit the Hold button to retain the thermostat at that temperature.

Unfortunately, this causes the phrase Hold to pop up on display and keeps the temperature at that level permanently. To stop the override and return to the usually scheduled temperatures, hit the Run key.

The term Hold should no longer be visible on display.

How to Override a Trane Thermostat in 3 Easy Steps

The usage and operation of these house thermostats are pretty straightforward—select system mode from the buttons on its front panel. If you set it to auto, it will heat or cool at the setting you want.

To unlock a Trane thermostat that has been locked, click and push the hold button for 5 seconds. This should enable you to reset the thermostat to the desired temperature.

How to Hack Into a Honeywell Thermostat

Honeywell is among the most well-known thermostat products on the market. They’re seen in a lot of hotels since they function so effectively and require so little upkeep.

However, they have the potential to make a hotel room feel very chilly or otherwise unpleasant in terms of temperature.

You may need to undertake a hotel thermostat workaround if you wish to adjust the temperature in the staying rooms. First, locate the system button on the Honeywell thermostat’s display and push it.

Next, push the blank middle key and wait for five seconds once the five buttons show. Advanced settings should appear on display.

The arrow keys are used to switch between choices. You may unlock every one of the keys on display by pressing the number 0. Honeywell thermostats are available in a wide range of styles.

To locate the appropriate hack for your specific thermostat, try looking up the device on the underside of the case.

Override of the Thermostat on a Temporary Basis

To modify the temperature momentarily on certain Honeywell programmable thermostats, simply push the temperature key arrows upwards or downwards.

This override normally lasts until another planned change in temperature, after which the thermostat returns to its regular routine. The term Temporary appears on the display when you initiate the temperature modification.

Assume you have a higher temperature throughout the day and a colder temp that sets in an hour before sleep. If the daylight temperature appears to be excessively chilly one day, you can modify the temperature using the arrows.

The thermostat will restart its usual schedule when it is time for the cool evening temperature to begin.

If you just want to return to the usual schedule until the next planned time period, press the Run key, and then the thermostat will instantly return to the preset schedule.

If you own a smart thermostat, such as that of the Nest thermostat, you can typically make these permanent or temporary adjustments to the thermostat configurations via the application.

How to Convert a Celsius Thermostat to a Fahrenheit Thermostat

Your house thermostat regulates the amount of central heating required to keep your home at the proper temperature.

Several thermostats are configured to display temperatures in Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F), depending on the region in which they have been marketed.

If you want to show the property temperatures in a different manner, you may simply adjust your thermostat to either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Precise steps will vary based on the type and model of the thermostat.

Step 1

Search for a “C/F” control on the front side of the Honeywell thermostat. Then, switch between both celsius and Fahrenheit by pushing the button.

Once adjusted, the setting will be stored until the “C/F” key is hit again. If you use a touch-screen thermostat, the tab may be integrated within the screen.

Step 2 

Go to your thermostat’s setup settings. Browse through the options until you locate a Fahrenheit or Celsius mode choice. To modify the method temperature is presented, switch the temperature setting as per the settings on the thermostat.

The precise location of this option in setup settings will vary based on the model of the thermostat.

Step 3

Navigate to the “Installer Configuration” menu on the thermostat. Navigate through the setup choices till you see the “F” or “C” shown on display. To convert “C” to “F,” use the right and left arrows.

Exit the menu, and that would save your modified selections. The temperature would now be shown in degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Reset The Set Temperature In Auto Changeover Mode?

The display will indicate “auto heat” or “auto cool” to the left side of the room temp when you’re in Auto Changeover settings.

Simply tap the + or – button to adjust the heat preset when the screen reads “auto heat” or to adjust the coolant level when the display shows “auto cool.”

When it reads “auto heat,” you must first push the mode key until it reads “cool” and then uses the + or – to modify the cool set temperature. 

Then hit the mode tab to return to Auto Changeover mode. Once it reads “auto cool,” push the mode button till it reads “heat,” then press the + or – buttons to modify the heat set-point.

Afterward, hit the mode button to return the mode to Auto Changeover.

If you are attempting to configure the heat and cool set levels for the program preferences (wake, leave, return, sleep), the thermostat enables users to alter each set point as they go through the program options.

How to Reset the Schedule on The Honeywell Thermostat

Regulating a schedule on the Honeywell thermostat is an excellent approach to prevent the added effort of setting its temperature each time.

You may program the thermostat to switch settings at regular intervals without even making an additional effort. Nevertheless, there may be situations when you wish to reset or even remove the schedule setting.

To reset the schedule on the Honeywell thermostat, push the “HOLD” button. You may always reset the plan by going to the menu, selecting “Schedule,” and then “Schedule Off.” To terminate the preset program, wifi Honeywell thermostats require you to hit “Preferences” and “Restore Factory Defaults.”

Reset a Set Schedule on a Honeywell Thermostat Temporarily

There are times when users do not want your Honeywell thermostat to run according to its regular schedule.

Regardless of the temperature setting, you are using. You can temporarily override a programmed schedule on the thermostat to change the thermostat settings.

If you set your sleep temperature at 65 degrees and wish to rest in a warmer temperature, you could. Likewise, you could override the schedule by setting the thermostat to your liking.

The specified schedule will restart whenever the room reaches the desired temperature.

This is a short-term solution that will only persist until the following temperature schedule. Nevertheless, if you wish to keep the temperature constant for a longer period of time, you can use a permanent override.

You will be able to establish a fresh set schedule after this.

How To Permanently Override a Honeywell Thermostat Schedule?

Push the “Hold” button to override the program schedule on your Honeywell Thermostat. This one will override the temperature that has been set for all scheduled times.

Once you keep pressing the Hold button, the programmed schedule is erased, and you are invited to input a fresh thermostat temperature setting.

As a result, you may adjust your thermostat to whichever temperature you want. Whatever temperature you pick will be maintained throughout the day.

If you want to return to the original timetable, then hit the cancel button, and the old schedule will be activated once more.

There may be a handful of alternative approaches to reset a program schedule based on the Honeywell thermostat type. As a result, you should refer to your handbook for further information.

Clear the Schedule setting on the Honeywell T6 Thermostat.

By utilizing the ” Hold ” technique, you may override a schedule on the Honeywell T6 thermostat, as with most other Honeywell thermostats, by utilizing the “Hold” technique.

On the other hand, this version includes a feature that allows you to disable the device’s scheduling function.

By switching off your Honeywell T6 thermostat schedule, the thermostat will discard any schedule settings and operate at the freshly specified temperature. To cancel a specified schedule and switch off the schedule feature, follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the following menu: Select the menu option by pressing the menu button. The button is located in the center of the bottom of the main screen.
  • Locate the scheduling option using the left and right arrow keys. Then, to enter the scheduling menu, tap the choose button. The “Select” button is located at the bottom of the screen in the center.
  • Cancel the Schedule: After you access the schedule menu, you will see the message “Sched. On/Off” in the lower right corner of the display. Select it by clicking it. If the phrase “Timetable Off” appears on display, you will notice a canceled Schedule.
  • Exit the menu: So now your thermostat’s scheduled schedule has been canceled, hit the “Back” key on the lower-left side of the display twice to leave the menu. You will be returned to the main screen as a result of this action.

The previously established schedule is saved in memory when you switch off the schedule on your T6 thermostat. Therefore, if you wish to re-enable the schedule, return back to the schedule menu and then click “Sched. On/Off.”

Honeywell wifi Thermostat Set Schedule Cancel

Follow these steps to turn off the scheduling on your RTH9580WF wifi thermostat:

  • Locate “Preferences” in the menu bar. On the right side of the home page, you’ll see a button labeled “Menu.” Browse until you find the “Preferences” option by clicking on it and scrolling down.
  • To access the Preferences tab, select “Preferences” from the menu bar. Then scroll to the bottom to “Restore Factory Defaults.”
  • Choose “Restore Factory Defaults” from the drop-down menu. On your display, you’ll see a notice explaining the choice you chose. Then, in the bottom-right corner of your display, click “Select Default Schedule.”

The gadget will prompt whether you are certain you would really like to erase your existing thermostat schedule at this point. To proceed, hit the green button on your right that reads “Yes.”

The program will show on your display that it is making important modifications to the defined timetable.

After that, you’ll be sent to the “Preferences” page on your smartphone. The default schedule for your thermostat should then be restored.

If you’re having trouble connecting, this advice will assist you in reconnecting so that you can cancel your scheduled appointment.

Remove the Honeywell Thermostat’s Default Scheduled Setting

The Honeywell thermostat is pre-programmed with a fixed temperature and duration by default. The software is configured to the most usual fixed schedule periods: wake up, leave, return, and sleep.

When you purchase the thermostat, the first step you should do is configure the time and date. Then you may choose your desired temperature. Change the temperature with the down arrow key if you would like to go lower.

After locking the time in for a specific scheduling period, you can adjust the established temperature. Afterward, you adjust the temperature for both sides according to your preferences. Click the “Down” key to lower the volume. To increase the volume, use the “Up” key.

Change the temperature till it reaches your desired level. When you’re finished, click “Run” to save your adjustments. The Honeywell thermostat’s default schedule has been erased.

Is it reasonable for my thermostat to only have one set schedule period?

You may set the ScheduleThermostat schedule if you don’t want several schedules put into it. However, only one or two planned periods can be established on your Honeywell Thermostat at any given time.

To utilize fewer predefined schedules, you must cancel out those that do not meet your demands. For example, you may delete the wake, leave, and return program schedules if you simply want to preserve the sleep schedule.

If you simply want to record the wake time, remove the leave, return, and sleep routines.

To do the same, go to your thermostat’s display and look for the different programs. Then, to go past the time and day, push the set button.

Next, click the hold button for around five seconds when you reach a planned time you wish to cancel. Finally, press “Set” when the numbers on display have changed to zero to lock in the adjustments.

For every schedule you want to cancel, repeat the same process. Simply hit “Reset” until it jumps to another planned time when you reach a scheduled time you wish to keep.

After you’ve entered all of your favorite schedules, select “Run” to save all of your changes.

When users clear their thermostat schedule, do all of the customized settings go away?

If users reset their complete thermostat to erase the schedule, the personalized settings on your thermostat may be cleared along with it. All personalized settings, such as screen color customization and lock screen credentials, are erased when you reset the thermostat.

If you have settings you don’t want to erase, the reset choice isn’t something that you should consider. Instead, try the “Hold” option if you want to delete your thermostat schedule while keeping other settings.

If not, consult your instruction book for precise instructions.

How to set up different models of Honeywell thermostat?

Honeywell T-6 Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell T-6 Thermostat
  • Configure the system

To modify system settings, press the mode button on the T-6 thermostat’s left side. Continue pressing the mode button until you find the appropriate selection, such as switching from heating to cooling or turning everything off.

  • Temperature

Press the plus (+) or negative (-) button on either end of the thermostat to modify the temperature.

To alter the fan’s functioning, Find the fan key in the right-hand corner of the thermostat and push it until the required setting is reached.

  • Preferences in Scheduling

To make changes to your schedule preferences. Toggle the menu button in the lower-left corner of your display. Choose programming as the first choice that appears.

When it asks whether you’d like to select on, hit select once more. Refer to your owner’s handbook for further information about how to program your preferences.

Honeywell Lyric wifi Thermostat

Honeywell Lyric wifi Thermostat
  • System Configuration

To turn on the Honeywell Lyric wifi Thermostat, press the display. Next, tap the mode icon on the lower-left side until you find your desire to move from heating toward cooling or switch off everything.

  • Temperature and Speed of the Fan

Push the plus (+) or negative (-) buttons on each end of the thermostat to modify the temperature.

To modify the fan’s function, press and hold the fan tab in the bottom right-hand corner till you find the ideal configuration.

  • Preferences in Scheduling

Tap the Menu tab in the lower half of your display to set your schedule settings. When you get here, you have a variety of options: such as date, time, and wifi configuration.

Select the scheduling option after scrolling until you see it.

Honeywell 9000 wifi Thermostat

Honeywell 9000 wifi Thermostat
  • Temperature

This is where you’ll find your start screen. To modify the temperature in the house, press the up or down arrows to adjust the temperature.

Once you’ve determined the desired temperature to change, there are two alternatives: temporary hold or permanent hold. To return, use the green Done button once you’ve made your selection.

  • Alternatives for Fans

Your fan selections are found on the second tab. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of fan functions here. Just use up and down arrows on the Honeywell 9000 Thermostat’s right-hand side.

To return to the home screen, tap the green Done button once you’ve picked your desired fan mode.

  • System Configuration

System settings are the third tab. Press any of the keys to change from heating to cooling or to switch it all off. Once you’ve made your choice, tap the green done tab to return to the main display.

  • Preferences in Scheduling

The menu is located on the fourth tab. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a variety of choices. Today, we’ll speak about how to build and change your schedule.

The fact that there is a manual to help you through the scheduling possibilities is quite helpful. When you press this, it will offer you stage process directions on how to program the thermostat.

What Is the Time-Set Procedure and How To Access It?

The owner’s handbook or the fast start-up manual that comes with the thermostat contains all of the programming instructions for the digital thermostat.

If you misplaced yours, you could generally request a copy of either item on the company’s website. Then, simply put the thermostat’s brand and model into a web search, followed by “manual,” and you will find appropriate solutions.

In addition, certain manufacturers publish instructions underneath the lid to make it easier, so check there before.

Setting the Time

If your thermostat isn’t a Honeywell, the technique for setting the time on one may function on yours. If you want to do this, make sure that the thermostat is either new or perhaps the batteries have expired. In any case, make sure you start with new batteries.

Toggle the switch to the center position to switch the system off.

Press and hold the SET button. Whenever you do that, the clock should flash.

To move the time ahead, press the “up” arrow button, and also, to move the time back, press the “down” arrow key. Continue pushing the arrow until the clock displays the proper time.

To change the time, push the SET button one more time. The day of the week will display beneath the time; now click the button to navigate to the right day and hit the SET button once more.

How to Set the Time and Set the Temperature

You may preset the thermostat for four different settings at four varying times of the day once you’ve selected the time and day. WAKE, LEAVE, RETURN, and SLEEP are distinct times.

The first programmable time period, WAKE, will illuminate once you hit the Establish button to set the day. Press SET again after moving the system toggle from OFF to HEAT or COOL, based on which feature you desire.

The time will blink, and use the arrows to select the desired time, then hit SET again to see the temperature. Push SET again to proceed to LEAVE after selecting the temperature you desire at that moment.

Configure the desired time and temperature, after which repeat for the RETURN and SLEEP times.

Several thermostats may be set to weekend settings. When you complete setting up the daily Schedule, SATURDAY and SUNDAY will glow at the top of the display.

The process is accomplished when you see END on the display after you’ve established the daily plan for every day.

How to Set Up a Honeywell RTH221B Thermostat

Honeywell RTH221B Thermostat

The Honeywell RTH221B thermostat is a one-week programmable thermostat with four periods each day. Except if your schedule changes, you will never need to alter the thermostat after establishing the heating or cooling cycle program.

The Honeywell RTH221B thermostat has only four program schedules, making it much easier to program even though you’ve misplaced your Honeywell guidebook.

Taking Out the Old Thermostat

Before you can configure your new Honeywell thermostat, you must first replace the existing one. Next, switch off the heat or air conditioning equipment.

Finally, remove your existing thermostat but save the wall plate and cables. If you can’t find the instructions, keep in mind you accurately distinguish the wires.

The new thermostat will not attach if some wires are not connected to the old thermostat or are connected to a terminal designated C or C1.

Wrap electrical tape across each of those wires’ uncovered metal ends to prevent them from touching other cables and causing a short circuit.

The color of the wire is irrelevant. Alternatively, identify the terminal screws by their labels. You can separate cables and replace the existing wall plate once you’ve identified all cables.

The Honeywell RTH221B Thermostat must be installed.

To install the replacement wall plate:

  1. Unscrew the locking screw on the base of the thermostat using a screwdriver.
  2. Remove the thermostat from the wall plate and place this against the wall.
  3. Draw the hole locations with a pencil, after which boreholes in the designated locations, and install the wall anchors provided with the thermostat.

Connect the cables to the wall plate through the wide aperture in the lower area. To use the mounting screws that came with the thermostat, secure the wall plate to the walls. Attach the cables to the terminals to finish the setup.

Connecting the Thermostat Wire

Connect each specified wire to the appropriate terminal. Next, disconnect the terminal screws using a screwdriver, then insert the cables and fasten the screws. Any residual wire should be pushed back into the wall aperture.

Adjust jumper JP1 on the rear of the thermostat if a cable has been attached to the G terminal. Put the jumper in the factory-set setting HG if you have got a gas or oil furnace. If you’re using an electric heater, set the jumper to HE.

Configure jumper JP2 on the backside of the thermostat if you have a heat pump. Set the jumper in the factory-set setting O if you’ve attached an O wire to the O/B connector. Shift the jumper to slot B if a B wire is attached to the O/B terminal.

Complete your setup.

Replace two AAA batteries in the box on the backside of the thermostat. Push the thermostat against the wall plate by aligning the two clamps on the tip of the thermostat with the appropriate slots on the top of the wall plate.

Adjust the thermostat’s lower screw. The central air unit may now be turned back on.

RTH2300/RTH221 Programming Honeywell

This Honeywell thermostat has four separate phases every day, and it cycles through them every day of the week. You may program various temperatures for when you get up, leave the building, return home, and then go to sleep.

The Honeywell RTH221B thermostat’s setting switch is on the right-hand side. Based on the season, change this to “Cool” or “Heat.”

On the upper left-hand corner of the home thermostat, there are three buttons. The “Set” option is the first. To set the thermostat into programming mode, tap and hold this key twice.

To enter programming mode, push this key once. To show the time of the “Wake” option on the thermostat’s display, push this key twice.

Press one of the direction keys below the display to change the wake time sooner or later. Release the directional key after you’ve reached the time you’d like the “Wake” setting to begin.

To go to the next programming period, push and hold the “Set” key once again. The following three programming periods should be established in the same way. Finally, push and release the “Run” key once you’ve programmed all of the settings.

What Is a Honeywell AC Control and How To Use It?

Scheduling Options

Keep in mind your Honeywell AC control thermostat is suitable with your house air conditioning system before customizing it.

It’s critical to follow the instructions step by step to set things up. Push the Up and Down buttons to configure the month, Day, year, and time once the thermostat is mounted and connected to a power supply.

Select from a single-stage heat and cool solution, a multiple-stage heat, and cool process, a heat pump mechanism, or a cool-only process.

Select schedule to establish your cooling schedule while configuring the controls. Choose your preferred temperature by pressing the Up and Down buttons.

Select your preferred temperature by using the day and time controls. You have the option of programming the thermostat for single or numerous days. The Next key advances you to the next function, while the Done key saves and closes your current configuration.

Creating a Schedule

You may program the Honeywell 7-Day Programmable thermostat by choosing the year, month, and day. You may then select the settings you desire based on the schedule.

Complete the questionnaire as you go through the thermostat, being as descriptive as you desire. You may even program your thermostat to alter when daylight saving time begins and ends.

You’ll probably have numerous time periods to change the temperature on a Honeywell thermostat, such as Wake, Leave, Return, and Sleep.

On Saturdays and Sundays, you can switch off the Leave and Return options. To change the schedule, go to Schedule, Edit, and then Select Day. Afterward, select Next Step two times, then increase or decrease to adjust the Wake time for the weekdays you choose.

Now, if there is a Heat setting, select Next Step again, bypassing it. Use the Up or Down buttons to select the cool temperature for the specified time period after you’ve reached the Cool setting.

For weekdays, repeat the process for Leave, Return, and Sleep. Select the date and time you want to get up, go, return, and sleep on weekends. Finally, to save and quit, choose Done.

More about Thermostat Programming

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

You may override the settings by using the Up or Down buttons to adjust the current setting, even though you’ve preset your thermostat to a specific temperature.

Until another time is set up, the new temperature will be maintained. Select Use Schedule if you wish to get rid of the temporary configuration.

Push the Up or Down keys, then Hold, to modify the timetable permanently. The temperature will stay at the desired level as a result. You may also alter the value manually by using the Up or Down buttons.

Finally, simply tap Use Schedule to terminate the hold and restart your original schedule.

Comparable options may be found on Honeywell’s other programmable thermostats. For example, Honeywell now provides 5-1-1 day, 5-2 Day, and 1 Week programmable thermostats in addition to the 7-Day thermostat.

And according to The Department of Energy, increasing your cooling settings with a programmable thermostat could save you up to 10% on your annual HVAC bills.