Google Home Broadcast Not Working – How to Fix It?

Google Home has been encountering this common downside from its users for quite a while now. Many users have complained about their Google Home Broadcast not working.

People have been informed that whenever they press the app in the app, it navigates them to the google homepage, which displays a search bar at the top and a news line at the bottom.

The basic ways include unlinking the devices and then deleting the Google Home. After this, just reset the device.

But certainly, it didn’t work for some people, so down below, we have listed potential ways that might help you fix the issues you are facing:

1. Try Updating the Application

The Google Home application you install on your device usually provides the broadcast service. However, the glitches in the app might be a major cause of the broadcasting issues you have been facing.

For this, you can try updating the program. To make this convenient, Google has released many patch files to resolve the issues users reported with Google Home.

Following the issues caused by the application, you might want to check if you are using the latest version. If you are using an old version, you resolve the issue by simply updating the app.

Open the app store on your smartphone, navigate the software, and tap on update.

In a few cases, people have tried uninstalling the app and downloading it again to fix it. But uninstalling the application might remove all the configuration files and data.

2. Try Clearing Cache Files

In case the updating and reinstalling don’t help with your issue, then one more way to fix it is by clearing up the residual cache files from your device.

Cache files are usually minor temporary data files that the application stores in the form of residuals of the app.

These are processed to pace up the functionality of the app to avoid all kinds of glitches.   

The failure of the software in clearing such files might result in declining speed and process errors frequently. Your app might be misbehaving and malfunctioning due to this concern.

We suggest you remove all the cache files of your device at once manually.

Go to the settings on your phone and navigate to the application. Once you browse, all the programs will be listed that are currently installed on the device.

Next, navigate to the Google Home program and tap on the Clear Cache option. Once all the cache files are deleted, your device should start working properly again.  

3. Try Re-Pairing Devices

As we briefly mentioned at the start, the reason for Google Broadcast, not Working might be the difficulty of pairing the devices.

This is a very common and most likely occurrence which can also be fixed easily. You can begin by removing all the devices that are linked with Google Home and also clearing all the data as well.

Once you have done this, you can re-pair these again.

To check if this solution is working or not, you might start pairing one and observing its viability. This will make you sure if the pairing was causing the trouble and if you should continue further.

You can also create backup copies of your settings to assist you in reverting the changes that could cause the same issues again.

Create backup saves every time you set up a new device to fix the Google Home broadcast.