Does Nest Thermostat Automatically Switch Between Heat and Cool?

Nest Thermostats can automatically switch between modes, but you can still set the mode manually according to your convenience.

Depending on these modes set by you, both the system and the thermostat will work differently.

Google Nest thermostat comes with five different smart modes: Heat, Cool, Heat▪Cool, Off, and Eco. However, the availability of these modes depends upon the model you purchase as the Eco mode is only available in Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E.

In some cases, you may not find these five modes in your thermostat or the app. For example, suppose your house doesn’t have a cooling system but only heating.

In that case, you will not see Cool or Heat▪Cool options on your thermostat, which disregards the automatic switching feature altogether.

We have explained all these modes and their significance below to help answer the queries you have about Nest Thermostat:

1.   Heat

The Heat mode on Nest Thermostat heats just your home until the Safety Temperatures are achieved. When your house ultimately reaches Safety Temperatures, it will start cooling.

If there is any specific temperature scheduled, the thermostat will begin to heat your home and maintain the temperature set by you.

2.   Cool

When you set your thermostat on the cool mode, it starts cooling your home only. Again, it will only warm up your house until it reaches a safe temperature.

Once the safety temperatures are achieved, the thermostat will start cooling your home. In the event of a scheduled temperature setup, it will continue to cool your house, maintaining the scheduled temperature.

3.   Heat-Cool

The Heat-Cool Mode on the Nest thermostat heats or cools to keep your home within a specific temperature range set by you.

While this mode is activated, you might notice that your thermostat has automatically switched between heat and cool temperatures.

That’s exactly what this mode is supposed to do. Such a feature is highly efficient during climatic conditions where heating and cooling are needed on the same day.

4.   Off

Setting off the thermostat will heat or cool your house only to maintain safe temperatures. Any other time the thermostat will neither heat nor cool

It will remain disabled from all functioning, such as fan control, cooling, and heating. If you want your thermostat to act up for any scheduled temperature at any time, it will not turn on. You will have to switch modes first.

5.   Eco

Eco is a special mode that heats or cools to keep your home’s temperature at an Eco temperature.

In case you have set your house on away mode and thermostat on Eco Mode, the thermostat will follow no temperature schedules.

If the Eco Mode has been set automatically while you are away from the house, the thermostat will follow the temperature schedules.