lutron dimmer switch troubleshooting

How To Perform Lutron Dimmer Switch Troubleshooting?

If you’re searching for a switch that you can plug into a wall socket and use to regulate the brightness of your lights, Lutron Dimmer smart switches should be your primary pick. These are much more robust, practical and provide you with many settings and long-term value features that make your life simpler. In the …

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WeMo light switch not detected

WeMo Light Switch Not Detected: 4 Simple Techniques To Fix

Several users over the period have raised concerns about the WeMo Light Switch not being detected. Users have stated that the device is malfunctioning, and one very common glitch has been the mobile app not being able to detect the WeMo smart light switch. The reason can be different with different users. This article explains …

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lutron diva vs maestro

Lutron Diva Vs Maestro: Which One Is The Better Option?

Technological progress has opened up a route for these gadgets, and a large range of these intelligent devices is being produced and put on the market there.  You can pick two alternatives for intelligent switching options offering expanded control over your lights: Lutron Diva vs Maestro. These switches are the wisest option if you really …

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smart switch for gas fireplace

How To Install A Smart Switch For Gas Fireplace In Your House?

In contemporary times, the application of the fireplace has become rather severely limited. But that does not suggest that we will no longer require a fireplace. Nonetheless, we have gained effective solutions to procure warmth and avoid cold winters. An electrically operated furnace, for instance, may offer a similar function successfully. As a result, the …

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wemo blinking orange

Why is Your WeMo Blinking Orange? How To Fix It?

Upon putting up our usual search for consumer queries, we found several complaints about the WeMo switches. First, users reported that there had been an orange light blinking on the device. Further, they stated that the switches are not even detected on the mobile app.   According to the official website of WeMo and based on …

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switchmate alternative

Switchmate Alternative That Works Wonder

A Switchmate is the world’s initial smart light switch that allows the user to control all of your conventional lights with voice commands. This is accomplished without the requirement for wiring or bulb replacement. In addition, it is compatible with smart house lighting and helps in controlling light bulbs using your voice.  Switchmate is also …

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leviton decora smart switch troubleshooting

Leviton Decora Smart Switch Troubleshooting: Problems and Solutions

Several users on various complaint forums have raised an inquiry ticket after connecting their Decora Smart Wi-Fi switch to their respective networks. Different users have experienced different issues with the device. Many have been trying to spot where the failure is originating and searching for solutions for the same.  This article encapsulates all the possible …

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ge z-wave switch troubleshooting

Simple Methods For GE Z-Wave Switch Troubleshooting

Users have complained about facing issues with their GE Z-Wave switches and even with the GE Dimmers in their homes. They said the switches go offline often and are not available after controlling in SmartThings. Usually, discontinuing the power supply or even resetting the breaker helps solve such issues quickly, but in the worst case, …

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ankuoo neo wifi light switch

Ankuoo Neo WiFi Light Switch: One of the Best Wireless Light Switch?

Ankuoo is a relatively newer brand introduced in the market. Needless to say, it has proven to be a strong contender against many leading light switch brands, such as the Belkin Wemo WiFi series. The Ankuoo Neo WiFi Light Switch is wireless, which offers remote control and lights in your home, using the Home Automation …

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echo plus vs smartthings

Echo Plus Vs SmartThings – Which One Is Better?

Echo Plus Vs SmartThings – This article talks about the difference between these two smart devices. Technology has reached new heights, and with these technological advancements, human lives have become much easier and convenient. The smart hub has brought a new dimension to people’s lives. Amazon Echo Plus is a speaker which you can use …

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