WeMo Light Switch Not Detected: 4 Simple Techniques To Fix

Several users over the period have raised concerns about the WeMo Light Switch not being detected.

Users have stated that the device is malfunctioning, and one very common glitch has been the mobile app not being able to detect the WeMo smart light switch.

The reason can be different with different users. This article explains all those reasons, along with some effective ways to troubleshoot such an issue and fix your WeMo light switch.  

1. Try Restarting your Device 

The first thing you can do to fix your WeMo light switch not detected is restart your device from the very beginning. This is quite an effective method and has worked wonders for many users. The process is quite simple.

All you need to do is turn your device off and then close the mobile app. Now, turn the device back on and restart the app.

Doing so is enough to fix all the errors or bugs in the WeMo light switch not detecting.

Restarting the device has certainly been very helpful in eliminating all the interruptions letting you use the device without any hassles.  

2. Try Resetting your Device 

If restarting the device doesn’t fix your issue, then the next thing you can do is reset the device. The process again is pretty simple.

All you need to do here is take out the light from the power source and wait for about a minute.

After some time, you can plug the bulb back into the socket, automatically reset the device. After the bulb is reset, you can try connecting it to the Wi-Fi again.

Once the device connects to the Wi-Fi, you won’t have to face any issue or error responses saying the WeMo app does not detect your WeMo light switch.  

3. Check for App Updates  

This is also one of the many common reasons for the mentioned issue. There might be a possibility that everything is fine with your device, but your app might be old or corrupted.

To avoid this, you must ensure to download the latest version of the WeMo app on your phone from the appropriate source, i.e., app store or play store.  

Another thing you should be careful about before going forward with troubleshooting your mobile app is making sure that you use the same Wi-Fi network and your mobile is connected to the appropriate Wi-Fi router.

This step will surely help you fix your issues with the WeMo light switch not being detected.  

4. Check the Wi-Fi router 

If none of the ways listed has worked for you by now and there is an orange blinking light on your WeMo device Wi-Fi status, then this means that the bulb is experiencing some glitch in connecting to the internet.

This is probably what caused the WeMo light switch not to be detected by the app.  

To avoid this, you need to check your Wi-Fi router to operate on a 2.4 GHz frequency. In addition, you should keep a check on any MAC filters or VPNs to make sure that your WeMo light is connecting with your router.

Once you have checked all your settings, you can restart the router, letting you fix the issues you were facing with the WeMo device.