alexa play ominous music

Can You Make Alexa Play Ominous Music?

Of late, the users of Alexa started putting commands of playing ominous music. It did actually work for some people. But for some, it didn’t work.  This raised a lot of confusion and questions among the users of the Alexa smart device. Some people were eagerly looking for Alexa to play ominous music. This became …

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Why Is My Alexa Not Discovering Hue And How Do I Fix It?

Is your Alexa not discovering your Phillips Hue Lighting System Device? Check out this piece to learn the reasons behind it and how to fix them.  Amazon Alexa And Hue Devices Connecting your Amazon Alexa with Philips Hue allows you to control the lighting system of your home. However, many users face some challenges while …

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alexa not discovering harmony hub

How To Fix The Issue Of Alexa Not Discovering Harmony Hub?

Is your Amazon Alexa not discovering Harmony Hub? Read this guide to learn the ways you can use to fix this issue. Connecting Harmony Hub To Alexa Logitech introduced Harmony Hub to help you turn your smartphone into a remote control to operate all your smart devices using it. However, some users find it challenging …

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alexa makes random noises

Alexa Makes Random Noises? Know Why And How To Solve It!

Have you heard your Alexa device making random noises like a random notification alert or a weird sound? Cast an eye over this piece to learn the reasons behind it and how you can stop it.  Let us first explore the different kinds of noises that may come from your Amazon Echo Devices. Various Random …

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alexa loop mode

Alexa Loop Mode Not Working: A Problem And The Solutions

One of the many of Alexa’s smart features is the Alexa loop mode. It helps you listen to a song or a playlist multiple times. But there are instances when it stops working, and you don’t know about it. If you are in this situation now, you are at the right place.  In the coming …

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alexa follow up mode not working

Alexa Follow-Up Mode Not Working? Here Is the Solution!

Are you wondering why Alexa follow-up mode is not working? Technology has made our lives easier, and with Alexa, we ought to complete our tasks on time. But recently, we have discovered some issues faced by the users complaining about how Alexa’s follow-up mode doesn’t respond to the commands. Alexa Follow-Up Mode Not Working Users …

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alexa error

How to Solve Alexa Error 7:1:10:12:2?

Alexa is a voice-controlled speaker device best known for delivering a soothing experience. Though it is a user-friendly device, sometimes it can create problems for the user while managing it. For instance, the Alexa error 7:1:10:12:2 occurs when the device cannot hear the voice properly and respond.  Before moving on to the steps for fixing …

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alexa could not set your address

Here’s Why Alexa Could Not Set Your Address

Alexa is a user-friendly and easy-to-use app. However, if Alexa could not set your address, then there might be something you are doing wrong. Let’s find out what are some primary causes and how can you fix them? Set It Up Ensure that you follow the proper steps to configure and the process of setting …

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alexa can't find music

Reasons Why Alexa Can’t Find Music And How To Fix Them?

Is your Amazon Alexa unable to find any music in your library? Read this guide to know the several reasons behind it and how you can fix this issue.  Music Streaming With Alexa Device  One among the tons of features of Amazon’s Alexa is that you can connect it to any music streaming platform and …

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