Treatlife vs Kasa: What To Expect From These Products?

Users know how inconvenient it may be to turn on and off light bulbs and fans every time. 

This is certainly more uncomforting if the switch or panel boards are located in a different place which is way beyond where you normally sit and relax.

 And here is where smart plugs kick in and save your day. You may set them up at home but then operate them all from your smartphone.

While the capability of these gadgets may vary, the general application for them is the same. 

Several firms manufacture these items, making it difficult to pick between them. Kasa and Treatlife are some of the most divisive brands. 

We will use this post to compare them because then you can choose the best one for you from Treatlife vs Kasa.

Treatlife vs Kasa Comparison


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Kasa is a well-known brand that produces a variety of smart home gadgets for its customers. By visiting their website, you can readily check out their roster.

This features all of their items, and then you can even access their websites to check all of the details. This makes it simple for consumers to get these gadgets for their homes.

The nicest part of Kasa is that, unlike other businesses, you do not have to connect all of your devices to a single hub. 

This brand’s products will begin working as soon as you link them to the Wi-Fi network.

The procedure is really straightforward; however, please contact us if you have any difficulties. Then it is advised that you examine the handbook for assistance.

Apart from that, Kasa’s switch layout is long-lasting. This is due to the manufacturer protecting them with a metallic covering. Dimmers and switches are also quite robust.

This allows individuals to easily push the switches without worrying about others being pushed along the way. Kasa also includes voice command functionality.

Which you can get by registering your voice recognition with the device. After you’ve finished configuring your gadgets, you’ll be able to monitor them using your smartphone.

Changes to the user’s configuration should be possible as long as the user is linked to the same data connection as the gadgets. The brand has indeed been recognized in several journals and is UL-certified.


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Treatlife is yet another well-known firm recognized for producing smart items. This includes light bulbs, switches, and plugs that you may activate.

All of this is controllable via your smartphone or just about any gadget that facilitates the connection. 

The firm also employs Wi-Fi signals to connect, which implies the setup process is rather identical to Kasa.

Besides that, the Treatlife switches also have a plastic finish. In comparison to Kasa, renders them appear inexpensive.

On the other hand, these are delicate, and pressing on one may cause you to press any buttons at once mistakenly. Compared to Kasa’s quality switching devices, the appearance of these switches is abysmal.

The Treatlife dimmers, on the other hand, are touch-sensitive, therefore indicating you can effortlessly move between settings, and they look modern. 

You can also change the intensity of your lamps using the switches or the smartphone.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the bulb you’re using also must feature this function. 

Therefore, you can also get them from Treatlife alongside the switches. They offer a variety of lines to choose from, and some of these lightbulbs also can change the color.

These switches can also link to voice recognition, so you won’t have to worry about clicking buttons all the while. You may also use the tool to create timetables. 

This will turn your bulbs on and off periodically based on the time you input them.

So even while you’re not at home, you can manage your gadgets. Nevertheless, ensure that all of your gadgets are linked to the internet and that your connection is working properly. 

Both brands are excellent, and it ultimately comes down to whose product you prefer.