Sense Vs Neurio: What To Consider While Choosing One For Your Space?

Both Sense vs Neurio are undeniably effective for tracking household energy usage. 

However, each one has something special to offer, therefore if you really want to find something that is suitable for you, check through the characteristics and then see what you can find.

For example, if viewing your power use through a web application is important to you, Neurio is a better option. 

On the other hand, Sense is a better choice if you enjoy employing voice instructions.


sense monitor
  • Because the API is not made public, it is more secure.
  • Individual gadgets may now be integrated more simply.
  • It uses substantially less electricity to detect gadgets.
  • IFTTT and Alexa are supported.
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Sense analyses your home’s electricity use and assists you in saving money and taking account of which appliances are on and off. 

It simply operates on a simple process that checks which of your home’s appliances is consuming electricity from the circuit as well as how much.

Sense’s reliability is actually flawless since it measures the voltage a million frames a second and processes all of the information for you, allowing you to see a legible graph of your household electricity status.

It also helps you escape tragedy by detecting short-circuits and instantly cutting off the supply of power.

 In addition, it will notify the user and the power company so that they can also take proper action to resolve the issue.

Sense’s setup process is rather simple, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it. 

There is minimal need to tamper with the wiring because it may be positioned in the primary breaker box location.

Because the sensor is somewhat large, it may be difficult for you to put it within the box properly. 

In addition, Sense may be connected via a smartphone application, but it lacks an online interface. Therefore you must always have your smartphone with you if you wish to track it.

The finest feature of Sense is its compatibility with Alexa and the ability to operate your gadgets using voice recognition, which is a significant advantage for you. It also supports several platforms for networking, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


  • With a public API, it becomes more open and configurable.
  • Is available on both mobile and desktop.
  • Is less expensive
  • Because it supports additional communication protocols, it is more compatible with smart gadgets.
  • More reliable estimations are presented.
  • Data is available even when you are not connected to the internet.
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Neurio is just the greatest gadget available. The reduced size makes installation straightforward, and it can regulate up to 400W. 

Neurio is also somewhat less pricey than Sense. Hence you will save some money if you select Neurio.

According to a poll, Neurio is more realistic than Sense, which is a positive for you. The API is open to the public, and it provides a plethora of personalization choices for monitoring your home’s energy grid.

Furthermore, Neurio features an online interface that allows you to monitor the condition of your home energy from any gadget in the globe, which is a significant advantage over Sense.

Another feature that would make Neurio a preferable alternative is that it would provide data even if you do not have internet access, and you’ll be able to retrieve that data at your discretion later.

While it lacks the voice-controlled capability and Alexa feature, it does support ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and CheckRS-845, making it interoperable with a broader number of gadgets and eliminating the need to be concerned about your device’s connectivity with Neurio.

This is undoubtedly the finest, most cost-effective, and best solution for you. 

Nevertheless, it cannot distinguish a particular lightbulb and other items, which may be a disadvantage for you. However, you may select between them based on requirements, and they will both be of tremendous service to you.

Sense Vs Neurio: Feature Comparisons

The setup

Both monitors are installed in the same manner. Both monitors are completely concealed within the breaker box space. They also require a link to the voltage breaker sensor.


This is one distinction between the two monitors. Because the Sense monitor is larger than the Neurio monitor, installation may be more difficult. 

Because of its size, the sense monitor may need to be installed outside of the breaker box.

The cost estimates

The Sense monitor just shows you how much energy you’re consuming in the form of a certain rate. 

The Neurio monitor, on the contrary, contains information other than the amount of energy usage. Instead, it provides you with added tax and other estimations.

In reality, if your link is right, the cost indicated by the Neurio monitor should just be identical to or very near to the power bill you will get.


An app on your smartphone allows users to manage both systems. Nevertheless, Neurio is more sophisticated in this area because it can be controlled via a web application, whereas the sense monitor cannot. 

Not yet; however, the manufacturer may incorporate this functionality into the gadget in the future.

If you prefer to have everything scattered out on a PC monitor, the Neurio monitor is for you.

Zoom with a Pinch

On both displays, your real-time current consumption is generally presented on a graph, and the sensors are intended to detect even the smallest changes. 

There is, nevertheless, a distinction. So you can just pinch-zoom in Neurio to get a clearer perspective and collect more precise measurements; you cannot do so in Sense.

This functionality is also useful for altering the manner the graph is shown.

Power monitor

Herein lies among the most significant distinctions. While Neurio can only identify objects that use at least 400 watts, 

Sense can detect devices that use as little as 5 watts. While both monitors will register an electric heater or washer and dryer, only Sense will identify that you switched on a light bulb.

Customer service

Sense, without question, has the advantage when it relates to responding to and acting on client feedback. 

Its crew is always willing to assist its clients, whether you want to acquire a product or simply need assistance with one that you previously purchased from them.