Efficient Ways To Perform Schlage Sense wifi Adapter Troubleshooting

The Schlage Sense wifi adapter is a fantastic gadget that is only interoperable with the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, which is essentially a smart lock.

The wifi adaptor allows you to wirelessly access the smart deadbolt from just about any Android smartphone, iPhone, or iPad.

Schlage Home App is a specialized application for the smart gadget which can be loaded on your smartphone. A single adapter may accommodate up to two locks and is extremely simple to install.

All you have to do is plug it in and connect it to any open wifi network.

Schlage Sense wifi Adapter Troubleshooting

You may encounter various problems and malfunctions while utilizing smart home software. The Schlage Sense wifi adapter is in the same boat.

Many individuals appear to be having problems with the gadget while attempting to utilize it. There’s no need to be concerned if they don’t know how to use it correctly or if the gadget is malfunctioning.

We’ll go through different ways to perform Schlage Sense wifi adapter troubleshooting in this post. Then, in simple terms, we’ll show you what to do to solve some of its most prevalent Schlage Sense wifi adaptor troubles.

To troubleshoot the Schlage Sense wifi Adapter, perform the following steps.

  • Check to see if the Adapter is properly linked to your wifi network and, therefore, is near the router.
  • Make sure the network bandwidth is set to 2.4 GHz and that the cellular internet is turned off.
  • Reset the Adapter by holding down the reset button for ten seconds.

The wifi Adapter Doesn’t Work.

This is arguably the most typical problem that consumers run into while learning how to use the gadget. Your wifi adaptor simply fails to connect to your wireless network. This might be due to a variety of factors.

Make very sure that cellular data is switched off, though, for the most part, because there appears to be no internet access, and your phone attempts to connect to the smart lock almost all of the time.

If you ask me about the most common issue I’ve seen in forum conversations, I’d say it’s that the adaptor isn’t connecting to your wifi network.

The following are the most likely causes of this:

Network Bandwidth

Confirm that the wifi network has a 2.4 GHz bandwidth rather than a 5 GHz bandwidth. Therefore, the Adapter will not connect in this scenario.


As it is the most efficient network for the Adapter to connect to, the Adapter may sometimes connect to the mobile internet. Turn off the cellular internet in this instance so that the Adapter can find the wifi network.

Signal Strength

If your Adapter cannot locate a solid connection nearby, it may find it difficult to connect to the lock. To overcome these constraints, try moving the wifi router closer to the Adapter.

Your wifi Adapter Must Be Reset.

Resetting seems to be the most effective troubleshooting approach for most technical issues.

After being reset, the Schlage Sense wifi Adapter began to function normally. In cases when your Adapter unintentionally couples with an Apple HomeKit configuration, it’s also best to restart your device.

You must conduct a factory reset and fix the lock since such Schlage Sense Adapter is not intended to operate with HomeKit.

You can follow these instructions to restore the Schlage lock to its factory settings.

  • The battery connection must be disconnected.
  • For 10 seconds, hold the power button of the Adapter. Reconnect the battery connector while holding the button down.
  • Complete the procedure by clicking the reset button and then entering the four-digit user code provided when you purchased the lock.

Your device is acting up or isn’t working properly.

In such instances, all we can recommend is that you double-check your device’s settings. So here’s how to go about it:

Using Your Smartphone to Set Up a Device

  • To begin, go to the app’s menu and select wifi Adapters.
  • In the upper right corner, press the “+” sign.
  • You’ll need to remember and input the programming code (that is generally found on the back of your wifi Adapter) anytime it’s needed.
  • Connect your wifi adaptor to your computer. Check to see whether it’s within 40 feet of the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

iOS users:

  • After that, join the wifi Adapter’s temporary network by following all of the steps.
  • Using the Schlage Sense app, connect your home’s wifi network.
  • The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt should be paired automatically by the app.
  • Your lock and wifi adapter have now been successfully linked.

Android users:

  • Select your wifi Adapter on the add wifi Adapter screen.
  • Now, select the home wifi network from the drop-down menu.
  • You may wish to insert the previously stated programming code for Android.
  • Your Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt account should now have your wifi adaptor.

How to connect the Schlage smart lock to a new smart gadget.

Ensure that the lock is correctly mounted on the door and that you have the mobile application corresponding to your hub and lock before you can sync your gadgets.

Before connecting your devices, you may also need to establish an account and go through some initial setup procedures in the app.

On the Schlage Encode, Schlage Connect, and Schlage Sense deadbolts’ websites, you can get step-by-step interactive instructions given.

Frequently Asked Questions About Schlage Sense wifi Adapter Troubleshooting

What is the location of the Schlage Connect Programming Code?

The default Programming Code may be found on the back of the User Guide or on the back of the Alarm Assembly.

How can I activate/deactivate Vacation Mode on Schlage Connect?

Press the Schlage button and then input your current Programming Code to turn off Vacation Mode. Then, press Four to finish the procedure.

Press and hold the Schlage button and then input the current Programming Code to turn off Vacation Mode.

How do I activate and deactivate the Schlage Connect Alarm?

To activate the alarm, hold down the Schlage button on the Interior Assembly for around 5 seconds. When the first flash occurs, drop the button.

To disarm the alarm, tap and hold the Schlage button on the Interior Assembly for about five seconds and release the button just after the second flash.

How can I make Schlage Connect auto-lock?

Insert the current Programming Code into the Schlage button, then push 9 to activate auto-lock.

How to add or remove User Codes from the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt?

To add a User Code, follow these steps:

  • Enter your 6-digit Programming Code after pressing the Schlage button.
  • Then, press one and input the new User Code (4 to 8 digits).
  • To finish the procedure, re-enter the new User Code.

To remove a User Code, follow these steps:

  • Enter your current Programming Code by pressing the Schlage button.
  • Press two and then input the User Code that you want to remove.
  • To complete the setup, re-enter the User Code to be removed.