What Does Ring Doorbell White Light Mean? How to Fix It?

Many users have been seen to report glitches about the white light on their Ring doorbell. Some don’t understand its relevance, while others are just trying to figure out ways to fix it.

But, by far, there have been several users with the same concern about a white light flashing on their Ring device.

Upon research, we came across many reasons that could be causing your Ring doorbell to show a white light.

In this article, we will be explaining various reasons for such an issue, along with a few ways to troubleshoot them.

The following ways will help you fix the problems you are having with your Ring device and use it properly. 

1. Wi-Fi Signals Weak 

This is one of the very common factors for Ring doorbell white light. Due to the lack of proper Wi-Fi signals, the white light on your Ring device starts showing up.

It is possible that the device you are using is offline, which is when it is not connected to Wi-Fi.

If such is the case, you need to move the router or the Ring device close to each other.  

2. Try Checking for Bugs 

Another factor that could be a possible cause for the ring doorbell white light could be specific bugs in the device. It can also be that the battery on your Ring device is low.

In any case, you must ensure that your device is fully charged at all times.

Moreover, you can try to reset the device. This would eventually restore the settings of your ring device to default.  

On the other hand, users have reported that they are unable to reset the device. IF such is the case, then you should refer to the next step to know more.  

3. The device may be Defective

There have been complaints from the users that they cannot get their device to reset with a white light flashing constantly.

Further, they stated that their Ring device is not detecting motions efficiently or even running at all. 

If such is the case with your Ring device, too, then you can know that your device is certainly defective.

You can either get it checked by a technician, or you can replace it with a fresh model for no cost if it is still under the warranty period.  

4. Contact Customer Support 

The ways mentioned above are some of the most effective techniques towards fixing the Ring doorbell white light.

However, if none of the methods works for you to get rid of the issues you are facing, this could mean the device itself is faulty. In such a scenario, we suggest you contact the Ring customer support team.   

You can explain the issues you are facing with the device and the basic steps you have tried to fix. You might also inform them of the ways that you have already tried to resolve the issue.

Then, based on the information and issue you are having with the device, the professionals will develop appropriate resolutions for you.

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