How to Fix the Delay in the Ring Doorbell? Easy Solutions

Several users have been complaining about experiencing a delay with the functioning of their Ring doorbell.

In addition, they have been experiencing delays in almost all the features, such as live video streaming, notifications, and the doorbell chime.   

From experiencing delays in connecting to the live video, receiving notifications, to hearing the doorbell, these issues have created serious hassles for users.

Such delays in the Ring doorbell can be seen due to the following reasons:  

  • Weak Wi-Fi Signals 
  • Poor Internet Connection 
  • Connectivity Issues 

This article will assist you in spotting the causes of your Ring doorbell delay and fixing them by using appropriate troubleshooting techniques. Some of the primary ways are- Restarting the Ring Doorbell 2 and Factory Resetting it.   

1. Check Your Internet Connection 

As the Ring Doorbells operate on a good internet connection linked with your smartphones, the apps, and other devices, a poor connection might be a significant delaying factor.

The delays you are experiencing in receiving alerts can be caused due to a slow internet connection. There can be a few other issues with your network that might be causing this delay in your Ring doorbell.  

Further, to fix your Ring doorbell delay, you can try and restart the internet connection or reset the router.

Such easy troubleshooting steps will help you fix the issues with your internet connection. You need to ensure that there aren’t any VPNs enabled on your router.

VPN can slow the speed of your internet and disturb signals on your Wi-Fi. Slow internet connections will hinder smooth functioning in every aspect.  

2. Try Restarting the Doorbell 

Secondly, you need to check certain things on your Ring doorbell too. It is possible due to some technical glitch, and your doorbell might be malfunctioning.

To fix this, we suggest you restart the Ring doorbell if making changes to your internet connection doesn’t work.  

The process of restarting the doorbell is quite easy. All you need to do is access the app and then go to the settings menu. Now navigate to the restart button.

For best results, first, turn it off, wait for a while and then turn it back on. This will most certainly help you fix all the delays you were experiencing with the ring doorbell.  

3. Try Factory Resetting  

Another way you can try towards fixing your Ring doorbell delay is Factory resetting. If the restarting process didn’t work for you, we are most certain factory resetting will surely be a success for you.

The factory resetting process is quite simple, too, as you can connect your doorbell to your smartphone application.  

Go to the settings options on the Ring application and then scroll down until you get to the reset menu. Once you get to the reset menu, you’ll find an option to factory reset under it. Tap on the option to sort your issues with the Ring doorbell.  

There is one more you can access the reset button. On the ring doorbell, you find a reset button. Press and hold it down for about 15 seconds.

After you have reset it, it takes a while to respond again. Once the doorbell starts again, you can use it without any hassles or delays. 

4. Contact the Support Team 

By now, you must have resolved all the delay issues with your Ring doorbell by applying the ways mentioned above. However, if none of the ways has worked for you so far, we suggest you contact the support team at Ring as a last resort.

Rest assured, Ring has a highly efficient and responsive customer support department.  

You need to contact them and explain to them the issues you are facing clearly. Further, they will provide appropriate solutions for the same after going through the query thoroughly.

You can even try replacing your Ring doorbell if it has gone bad before the expiry of its warranty period.