How to Reset Deebot N79? Step-by-Step Guide

Several users have reported having different issues with their Deebot N79. But the one primary solution to most of the problems that tech-savvies or other experienced users provided was resetting the device and running it again.

But the solution doesn’t provide relief in itself. The issue of how to reset Deebot N79 persists.

In this, we have listed step-by-step processes on how to reset Deebot N79.

Just follow these simple steps in the manner it is, and you will be able to fix the glitches and bugs you have been experiencing with your Deebot N79.

Here’s How To Reset Deebot N79:

  • Firstly, press the start button and hold it for a considerate period of about three minutes.
  • After this, you must again enter the appropriate time to get your Deebot N79 good and running like normal.

The final part is vital for the resetting process to go smoothly, so do not skip that.

Once all the steps mentioned above have been performed, and the scheduling is successfully done, proceed further:

  • You must now ensure that your Deebot N79 beeps three times at consistent intervals.
  • At this point, the indicator light will turn blue. In case it hasn’t turned blue, then try resetting the device again.
  • If the indicator light turns green in color instead of blue, you will have to reset the Deebot N79. The light turning green indicates that the scheduling process has failed or been canceled.

If the process keeps repeating, then probably the motherboard is malfunctioning. In such a case you will have to replace it with a new one.

What Does Different Colors on the Indicator Light Mean?

Solid BlueDeebot N79 Charging
Flashing BlueDeebot N79 Cleaning
Flashing RedDeebot N79 has some bugs
Solid RedDeebot N79 low battery

What Does the Red Light Mean?

We have this sense of concern whenever we observe a red light on our device. But, unfortunately, such concerns mostly turn out to be true as the red light is made to be a symbol of danger.

Usually, a red light on a device is an indication that the device is about to incur heavy expenses on repair in the future.

There have been several speculations about Deebot N79 that if the indicator shows red light, then the battery might be malfunctioning.

When we tested the device ourselves and analyzed it in-depth, we can safely eliminate this mere speculation. A red light on the device isn’t as severe as you might have expected.

Moreover, a red light on Deebot N97 generally shows a warning about the accumulation of dust and junk in the device brush.

How to Fix the Red-Light Issue?

The red light on the Deebot N79 can be easily fixed without calling an expert for it. But you will need a toolbox to fix it. However, fixing this problem is quite easy, and you can get to it by yourself.

  • You have to remove the four very small Phipps screws. After this, you will need a flathead screwdriver for removing the front wheels.
  • After you have unscrewed the front wheels, start cleaning the beater brush.

Once you have put back all the parts, you will see that the Deebot N97 is working as normally as before.

What Does Different Beep Mean?

One BeepDeebot N97 is suspended or stuckKeep it on a flat surface and remove all the impediments. Finally, Restart.
Two BeepsDeebot N97 is malfunctioning with anti-collision bumperMake sure there is no Debris on the anti-collision bumper
Three BeepsDeebot N97 is malfunctioning with anti-drop sensorsClean the anti-drop sensors thoroughly
Four BeepsBattery LowConnect Deebot N97 to the charging port manually