How to Reset Insignia Voice Speaker? Easy Steps

Many users have reported having confusion in resetting Insignia Voice Speaker.

They said they had a little trouble using the device’s voice speaker as they couldn’t set the device with the voice assistant.

In addition, different users experienced different glitches and bugs with operating the device.

According to the research we did and the observations we gathered by using the device ourselves, one common thing is resetting the device.

But the solution again becomes a problem for some people. They are not aware of resetting the device.

In this, we have elaborated for you to reset your Insignia Voice Speaker in simple steps. Just follow these steps one by one in the same order they are listed, and you will indeed resolve the issues you are facing.

How to Reset Insignia Voice Speaker?

Once you reset the Insignia Voice Speaker, it will eventually restore the settings to default.

While resetting the device is a great solution to fix minor glitches, it can also benefit users who wish to resell the item and get a good resale value.

If you too want to want to reset your Insignia Voice Speaker, just apply these simple steps listed below:

  • To begin with, we suggest you check the app, Google Home. Then, try removing the voice speaker from the list of devices in the app.  
  • After this, try factory resetting. Press and hold the Microphone button for about 12 to 15 seconds.
  • The device reboots after it has been reset.
  • Once the device is on you can now configure its settings as per your requirements. To do this you can use both personal as well as local settings.

Going through many solution boxes and reviews by other users, we should mention that it has been recommended to press the power button and hold but not the microphone button to reset your device.

This can be troublesome for you in resetting the device. You must ensure to locate the Microphone button and then press it.

Further, hold it for about 15 seconds. The Insignia Voice Speaker cannot be reset by the power button

Also, be mindful of the fact that all the data saved in your Insignia voice speaker will be deleted once you reset your device.

Additionally, the settings that you previously set will also be changed to default.

So, once you are done resetting your Insignia Voice Speaker, you need to start configuring it before using it again.

Finally, if resetting the device doesn’t work to troubleshoot the glitches you are experiencing, we suggest contacting customer support.

You can explain your query, and they will provide appropriate troubleshooting methods.