A Complete Guide On How To Change Led Light Color On Cyberpowerpc

LED strips may enhance the aesthetics of your gaming setup. RGB LED lights are inexpensive and straightforward to set up.

You can stick the LED lights on your desktop as well as the gaming system using the adhesives on the strips. Making a custom PC may be a lot of fun, but few people know how to build it correctly.

CyberPowerPC is a reputable company that creates bespoke computers for its customers. You may give them your specs, and they’ll put together a whole solution for you.

We’ll go through how to change LED light color on CyberPowerPC in this post.

How To Change Led Light Color On Cyberpowerpc: Steps

Several customers are perplexed by this problem and cannot alter the colors of the LED lights in their custom design.

If the LED colors are excessively intense and heavy on the retina, it may be highly irritating. However, you may alter the colors on the CyberPowerPC using two different techniques.

The first step is to use the button for cycling between the RGB light strips’ varied colors.

This button may be found beside the power button, based on the specifications of your design. It seems to have a sun icon on it and pressing it once changes the color of the LED strips.

The LED strips may also be switched to multi-color LED lights. This is how to use the button to adjust the color of the LED light.

If you don’t have a button on the case and can’t get your RGB lighting to shift from rainbow mode, you may change the color of your RGB lights using the application on your Personal computer.

To do the same, turn on your computer and launch File Explorer. Then, navigate to your C drive and open program files, then go to GIGABYTE and find RGB fusion.

Following that, double-click the application to launch it on your computer.

Follow the prompt’s directions for the setup process, and you’ll be able to change the color of the LED lights to anything you choose.

Nevertheless, if the LED lights aren’t working and you’ve tried the button and the RGB fusion application and still can’t get them to work.

The connections must then be double-checked. During shipment, the connections might become loose or detached entirely.

Therefore, if you’ve recently purchased a bespoke system, double-check the connectors and try controlling your LED lights with the application.

If the problem persists, approach CyberPowerPC support and seek assistance in managing your LED lights.

You should then be able to get your LED strips to adjust the color if you complete their instructions methodically. Thus, write an email to CyberPowerPC and wait for an answer.

It would take them no more than 48 hours to react to your message.