4 Ways To Resolve Google Home Multiple Users Not Working

On a single device, Google Home now supports numerous user accounts. However, because this feature is new, Google Home customers are having trouble connecting numerous user accounts on the same Google Home device.

Google Home can manage numerous users and respond to each one individually. Google Home recognizes the user’s voice and responds by connecting to their Google Account.

This is how Google Home will react to activity at your office, questions about your day, alarms, and scheduled tasks, among other things.

Nevertheless, some consumers have raised concerns about Google Home, multiple users, not working. If you’re experiencing trouble managing numerous users on your Google Home, these recommendations may be helpful.

What To Do When – Google Home Multiple Users Not Working?

Reconnect Users

Any concerns with numerous users will very certainly resolve themselves when you delete the associated account from Google Home and afterward re-add it.

If you’re having trouble managing several users, you should give it a shot. It won’t take you more than a couple of seconds to delete the account through the smartphone application.

Launch the Google Home application and then navigate to the application settings menu to deactivate a Google account. The in-app settings menu will appear when you select on the upper right corner of the application.

After you’ve opened the settings, select the option for connected accounts. You’ll now be allowed to view a rundown of all the accounts you’ve connected to Google Home.

By tapping on it and then touching “unlink,” you may get rid of the faulty account. Then, close and reopen the application. Then, re-link the account you just unlinked, and that should work.

Update the application

Users who are experiencing trouble getting the voice match function to operate with multiple users should examine the Google Home application version on their smartphones.

Unfortunately, this problem is frequent among customers who haven’t updated their software in a long time and are still encountering issues in the old version. If you’re in a similar situation as us, we suggest updating the application.

It would be preferable if you could remove the application from your smartphone and then install the most recent version from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

This shouldn’t take that much time if you have got a good internet connection. Log in to the Google Home account after the installation and afterward proceed to activate the voice match feature for the other users.

All Google Home users will be able to get the device to detect their voices immediately.

Google Home should be reset.

It’s also possible that the Google Home isn’t working properly, which would explain why you can’t get several people to operate on it. We recommend that you try resetting your gadget to factory default settings to resolve this issue.

This procedure usually resolves the product’s software difficulties, and then you’ll be ready to use it again following setup.

The reset technique may be found in the handbook that came with the box. According to this, you must press and hold the microphone icon on the button.

Then, continue pushing it for another 20 seconds till you get a notification indicating the gadget is being reset. After five further settings, you may release the button, and your smartphone will go through the reset procedure.

Reconnect the gadget to your smartphone and log into the Google Home account. Make absolutely sure the gadget is initially linked to the owner’s account.

After that, you may attach any user you choose, and the account will begin to function.

Google Customer Care

If you’re still having trouble getting the multiple users capabilities on your smart Home device to operate, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional.

Having a member of the Google team to advise you will increase the chances of you resolving the issue. As a result, send an email to reach out.

You may also contact them through other social media networks, and that they will assist you in setting up many users for the Google Home.