Wink Hub Blinking Purple: 4 Things To Check

A lot of users have been seen expressing their dissatisfaction with Wink Hub.

However, on closer analysis, we discovered that their Wink hub is glowing purple and that they are having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, causing the smart hub to malfunction.

If you’ve been having trouble with something similar, this post will be very helpful to you.

We’ll go through some of the most successful troubleshooting methods and permanently resolve the issue of Wink Hub blinking purple in this post. So let’s have a peek, shall we?

Wink Hub Blinking Purple: What To Do?

Wi-Fi Band Name Change

The majority of individuals who had this difficulty stated that altering the name of their Wi-Fi band was all it took to remedy the problem.

Because most routers have the same Wi-Fi band (2.4 GHz and 5.0GHz) selected, this was able to remedy their problem.

Simply ensure that neither band has the same name as the other. Adjusting your Wi-Fi band may also help.

RF Interference should be avoided.

Because many routers have RF interference, your hub may cease operating properly. This capability, however, isn’t available on all routers.

Therefore, it is suggested that you plug the Wink hub distant from the router, irrespective of whether you have the choice or not.


Any smart gadget can benefit from a reset to get rid of issues. Resetting the device effectively wipes away all of the previously saved settings and resets the device to its factory defaults.

As a result, we suggest that you try resetting the Wink Hub in the same way.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer service department.

If nothing seems to be helping you so far, you may try contacting support for extra assistance.

They should be able to determine the specific source of the problem and what you can do to resolve it.