Was to fix the Sensi Thermostat Won’t Switch To Cool

Many consumers have reported problems with the Sensi thermostat. Their Sensi thermostat, they complain, is not cooling.

They explored everything, but their Sensi thermostat doesn’t appear to function at all.

If you are experiencing a similar problem, this post should be of tremendous assistance.

This post will provide you with a lot of solutions to the Sensi thermostat that won’t switch to a cool problem.

All of the troubleshooting procedures that can resolve your problem is listed below:

Power Examination

If the thermostat isn’t working properly, among the first points to examine is if it’s turned on.

It’s likely that the Sensi thermostat isn’t operating because of power problems.

Additionally, most cooling systems have a power button. This power button might be located close to the air handler or perhaps the furnace.

Basically stated, you must switch on the button (HVAC switch).

Examining the Air Handler as well as Furnace Door Positions

You should also inspect the location of both- the air handler and furnace door.

It is possible that there is a faulty connection or a badly fitted system, which is causing you problems while attempting to cool down the house.

In any instance, you’ll have to double-check the location of such parts manually.

Normally, the panel and the furnace door should always be absolutely square in their respective positions so that they connect the safety button, which should be located inside the cabinet.

Reset The Circuit Breaker

Resetting the breaker may help in doing a complete reset of the entire system, which would probably be very helpful to resolve the problem.

You’ll need to inspect your electrical panel in order to customize your breaker.

All you should do to repair this is switch off the HVAC breaker. Then, you’ll need to quickly switch it back on, which would also reset the breaker.

After you’ve done that, you can start by checking the entire system.