How To Troubleshoot If Roomba 690 Not Charging?

If a Roomba doesn’t charge, wipe the charging terminals using rubbing alcohol and just a gentle washcloth to clean any dust, fuzz, or muck collection.

It’s also possible that you’ll need to reinstall or replace the battery or charging station, or perhaps even reset the Roomba to factory defaults settings.

Roomba 690 Not Charging Troubleshooting

Replace the Charger

The first thought that comes to mind is to consider switching the charger, which might be the true cause of your Roomba 690’s inability to charge.

A malfunctioning charger is the most common root cause of the problem, and you must ensure that you are not experiencing this issue as a result of a problem with your charger.

All you have to do now is find another charger with the very same voltage ratings as the Roomba 690 and start trying to charge it with it.

That will really assist you in making it function, and the trouble will be resolved in the majority of cases.

Outlet on the Wall

You may also examine the possibility that the wall outlet is broken or inoperable.

You should double-check by putting another device into the same socket or attempting to use the same charger with a different wall outlet.

This will allow you to quickly rule out the problem that is prompting you to have this difficulty, and when you have it figured out, you could take appropriate steps to solve the problem, and you’ll be capable of charging the Roomba 690 without any further issues.

Battery Inspection

Battery life diminishes with time, so keep that in mind. So, the batteries in your Roomba 690 might be dead or have a defect that needs to be examined.

It would be best if you changed the batteries with a fresh pair of the same type before attempting to charge them with your Roomba 690.

That will be of great assistance to you, and then you’ll be able to resolve your charge issue successfully.

Battery replacement

You can choose to change the battery if you believe it is malfunctioning or defective.

Original iRobot batteries are recommended for best results. However, you may extend its life and avoid any charging issues by doing regular maintenance.

Here are some helpful hints for extending the battery life of your Roomba:

  • Because it employs a rechargeable battery, frequent usage of the Roomba might result in much more cleaning rounds.
  • For trying to charge and store, choose a clean, dry location.
  • To avoid the collection of hair or dust, clean the gadget on a regular basis.
  • Keep the Roomba charged by plugging it into the charger when not used.

Examine The Gadget

Finally, if nothing else has worked, there might be another flaw or issue with the Roomba 690 that is preventing it from charging.

You’ll need to take the robot to an authorized warranty facility to have it tested for any such issues.

They’ll be capable of figuring out what’s triggering the issue and correcting it so you can charge it again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roomba 690 Not Charging.

What is the best way to tell if my Roomba is trying to charge?

To check the charging state, look at the LED indication on the CLEAN button.

  • The battery is completely depleted when it is solid red.
  • Charging is in progress, as shown by the glowing amber.
  • Green indicates that the charging process is complete.
  • A rapidly pulsing amber light also indicates the 16-hour charging option.

How do you tell when the Roomba’s battery requires replacement?

  • The battery drains unnaturally quickly, like within minutes of typical use.
  • After removing the dock, the Roomba may only operate for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The power light doesn’t even flash.
  • The functionality of the Roomba is unaffected by a complete restart.