How To Fix Alexa Echo Not Discovering Smartthings Devices

You’ll need an Amazon /Tap or Echo Dot to utilize SmartThings with Alexa.

Alexa can also be used to operate SmartThings light bulbs, on/off or dimmer controls, thermostats, and door locks, as well as lights, switches, and thermostat schedules.

To operate SmartThings gadgets around your house, utilize several Alexa devices on the very same Amazon profile.

Nevertheless, SmartThings gadgets can only be controlled from a single place at the moment.

Nevertheless, several customers have lately reported difficulties locating SmartThings devices using Alexa.

If you’re experiencing the same difficulty, here are a few methods that may assist you in resolving the problem.

Troubleshooting Connecting Problems Of Alexa And Smartthings

Examine the Location Settings

The most common cause of this problem is that customers have several locations configured on their SmartThings profile.

Despite the fact that this functionality works flawlessly in the SmartThings application, Alexa is unable to connect to the hub.

Even when you use two distinct Amazon accounts, you will experience connectivity problems.

Just remove one location and then reconnect to the connection to resolve this.

You should have no issue getting Alexa to find your connected gadgets as you are just attempting to access a single SmartThings hub.

Therefore, be careful to unlink numerous locations from the SmartThings account before reconnecting it to Amazon Alexa.

Clear Application Cache Data

Furthermore, if you are certain that numerous locations are not accessible on the SmartThings profile, your SmartThings ability is most likely broken.

In this case, the first step you may do is reconnect the SmartThings skill to the Alexa application.

Next, you may quickly disable a talent by navigating to its settings and pressing the disable button.

After that, reopen the application, search for the SmartThings skill, and subsequently activate it.

If the problem persists, erase the application data. You may do this by heading to your smartphone’s settings and selecting application settings.

Then, find and launch the Alexa app. Next, navigate to the storage settings menu, then select “Clear All Data.”

You must then relaunch the application and sign in to the Amazon account. Finally, to see if the problem has been resolved, use the SmartThings skill.

Power Cycle

Another solution that worked for certain people just powered cycling, both smart gadgets.

If you still can’t get the SmartThings to operate, unplug both gadgets and plug them back in after another few seconds.

After the gadgets have booted up, link the hub to see whether Alexa detects your SmartThings gadgets.

Amazon Help

If you are still unable to remedy the problem, your best alternative is to contact Amazon support and request assistance.

First, create a support request on the Amazon forums and include any essential data about your problem.

Once the customer service team has a thorough knowledge of the situation, they will walk you through several troubleshooting procedures that will assist you in resolving the issue at hand.