Ring Solar Panel Not Charging: Causes and Solutions

Upon going through specific query forums, we saw that several users have reported that their Ring solar panel is having trouble charging.

Solar panels are used to charge the spotlight camera. Hence, if that goes defective, it raises some severe concerns.

In addition, ring devices are supposed to serve security purposes for people, and that it becomes mandatory that they are running active at all times.  

To ensure that the security systems run flawlessly, the solar panel option is included in such devices to charge them using sunlight.

In the following article, we will be looking into this issue in-depth. But, first, this article will walk you through solutions to fix the Ring solar panel not charging.   

1. Try Reinstalling the Solar Panel 

This is the very first step most of the users must have tried. If you are experiencing issues with your Ring solar panel not charging, you should detach the solar panel manually and check it.

First, you need to check for any debris or blockage in the solar panel that may be hindering the charging process. If the solar panel is fine, then you must check the wires.  

There might be wires coming loose causing such an event. In addition, there might be a possibility that the wires are not attached to the appropriate places.

Once you have checked and ensured that all the wires are attached to their respective places, you can now place the solar panel back in its attachment.

This will most probably fix the issues with the charging. However, in case the problem persists, move on to the next step.  

2. Check for a Defective Solar Panel  

You need to check whether your Ring security device or the panel is running fine. For this, you need to open the Ring mobile app and locate the device’s health.

Once you open the device health, check if the Ring device is connected to the solar panel.

If the device doesn’t locate the solar panel even after having the proper wiring and eliminating debris, it may be inaccurate.  

In such cases, we suggest you try replacing the defective solar panel with a new fine working model.

You must then contact the retailer from where you purchased the device and negotiate about the product replacement.

To ensure that your device is defective or not, you can check whether the solar panel is running by connecting it to different sources.  

3. Contact Support Team 

The ways mentioned above are some of the most effective techniques towards fixing the Ring solar panel not charging.

However, if none of the methods works for you to get rid of the issues you are facing, this could mean that the device itself is faulty. In such a scenario, we suggest you contact the Ring customer support team.  

You can explain the issues with Ring solar panel that you are facing along with the basic steps you have tried to fix. You might also inform them of the ways that you have already tried to resolve the issue.

Then, based on the information and issue you are having with the device, the professionals will develop appropriate resolutions for you.