Why is the Ring Doorbell Not Ringing: 3 Ways to Fix?  

There have been a few complaints by some users about the Ring doorbell, not ringing/working. We have put together an informative guide about this issue in this article. This issue isn’t likely to cause any major malfunction to your device in most cases.

The great thing is that there are a few ways we can try to overcome such an issue. These ways will help you troubleshoot the issues with your Ring doorbell and get it to work again.

Consider the following the ways elaborated for you to fix your doorbell easily:

1. Check the Ring Doorbell Installation

One of the most common reasons for your Ring doorbell to stop working is incorrect installation. Unfortunately, even a basic install error can cause the device to not function and fall flat.

If the installation process has some flaws, we suggest you perform the entire process again.

In addition, if you are facing some issues understanding the instruction manual with the process, you can also look on the internet and watch some installation videos.

Still, if you feel you cannot put it together, you can try contacting a tech expert to install it for you.

But you look at the manual instructions properly, you will see it isn’t that complex to put the parts together.

You can give it a shot and have it checked by some expert if it’s doesn’t work properly. If this isn’t the cause of your problem, proceed to the next step.

2. Check the Battery and Power Supply

If the reinstallation didn’t work for you in fixing your problem, the next thing you can do is check if the battery and power supply are working fine.

Earlier, while reinstalling the device, you might have noticed two choices—one to operate it from the battery power or the mains.

If you selected the battery operation option, you would have to ensure that the battery is charged.

If you have to operate the device from the mains, you might experience some issues.

If the device is not getting enough current from the mains to function, you might face difficulty getting it to work.

Different models of Ring devices come with different requirements. Therefore, for the Ring device to function properly, you will have to be sure of the type of requirement for your device.

Once you have identified the requirement, all you need to do is check if it is right.

For this, you need to switch over to the battery power for some time to ensure that the device is functioning properly.

3. Make sure that the Wi-Fi Signal is Strong

The only about smart home devices are that they are mostly dependent on a strong internet connection. So if you do not have good internet speed, your smart device won’t work to its full potential.

The Ring doorbell is quite similar to this process too. The device needs to get a sufficient amount of internet connection properly.

To ensure this, you will have to check your Wi-Fi and be strong enough to run your smart device. Additionally, you should ensure that the router is placed somewhere near the doorbell.

It would be best to locate an appropriate spot to place the router until you get a strong signal.

After all, a weak signal is just as problematic as no signal at all. If this still doesn’t work for you, you should probably check if there is any interference with the signal.

In such a case, move the router away from other electrical or Bluetooth devices.