How Does a Ring Glass Break Sensor Work? Simple Guide

The Ring Alarm and Amazon Alexa are programmed to keep an alert for any glass breaking into your house. In addition, ring Alarms now let you connect the alarm with your Amazon Echo devices.

By connecting your Ring alarm to the Echo device, you can now set up Alexa Guard and detect the glass breaking sound whenever you are away from home.

The device will send you an alert, and you’d be able to take appropriate action just in time.

Such features assist in several ways, such as in providing you alerts and information regarding the activities in your house so that it always remains safe and sound. Moreover, this feature is free.

How does the Glass Break Sensor Work?

Ring brings you a pack of a complete home security system assembled into a customizable and affordable DIY package.

This lets you add as many Motion detectors and Contact Sensors as you wish for advancing your smart home.

Additionally, you can also connect it with your Echo devices to upgrade your Alexa’s potential.

In case there is a glass breaking in your house, your Echo device will detect it, and your Alexa will send an alert to your smart device right away.

Upon tapping the notification option and opening the Alexa app, you will be able to do the following things:

  • Access the audio clip of the detected sound in your house and listen to it anywhere you are.
  • Check on the Echo device sending you these alerts and listen to the activities or movements happening inside your house in real-time.
  • You can send alerts to the Ring device to activate the siren on the Ring alarm.
  • Contact the Ring Alarm monitoring authority and request help if you experience device issues. For this, you will have to subscribe yourself to Ring Protect and be enrolled in the 24/7 professional monitoring service.

Amazon’s Alexa will also notify you regarding the sounds of carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

You can also turn the supported smart lights on or off automatically from wherever you are and make it look as if you are home.

How do you Detect a Glass Break Sound?

Detecting a glass break sound is quite simple and convenient. You can connect the Ring alarm with your Echo device to set up the Alexa Guard mode. Go through the following steps as mentioned to do so:

After getting the device prepared and running properly, you can easily arm or disarm your Ring Alarm and your Alexa guard simultaneously.

For example, once you set the Ring alarm to Away mode, the Alexa guard will be set to Away mode too, that too automatically.

Another way to do this is by asking your Alexa to do it for you. For example, try saying,” Alexa, I am leaving” when you go out.

If you want a complete home security system and features of detecting the sound of window glasses breaking, then Alexa Guard and Ring Alarm will be most convenient for you.