Nest Thermostat Not Cooling After Repair

There may be many reasons why your popular thermostat isn’t cooling even after repair. So let’s take a look at some of the solutions to get it up and running in no time and working efficiently.

If your Nest thermostat has recently undergone some kind of repair and is still posing issues, you can check for cues that may suggest a minor problem that can be fixed easily.

Keep an eye on some of these issues and read on to know how you can resolve them at home.

1. Not Connected to Wi-Fi

This issue may go unnoticed many times as the Nest thermostat disconnects from Wi-Fi frequently, thus leading to discontinued cooling.


The thermostat may disconnect from the Wi-Fi occasionally if its battery level is low. This can be resolved by replacing it with a new set of batteries or using a Nest Power Connector.

It connects to Wi-Fi, powers its digital display using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and turns on your heating and cooling system.

If there is a disconnect with the Wi-Fi, the thermostat may not provide the set heating and cooling settings for your home.

2. The Nest Thermostat screen is frozen

Suppose the screen of the thermostat is frozen, unresponsive, or stuck on a particular display setting.

In that case, there are chances that the thermostat is not functioning at the set temperatures, and it is difficult to judge the settings when the display is slow or unresponsive.


You may try to manually restart the Nest thermostat to give it a fresh start and ensure it is working at the heating or cooling temperature set by you for your home.

To restart the thermostat, follow these steps:

Once you open the Quick View menu by clicking on the thermostat ring,

  1. Press, hold and then release the thermostat ring after about 10 seconds until the screen shuts off.
  2. To restart the thermostat, long hold and release the thermostat ring again for another 10 seconds. Once restarted, the display will restart with the Nest logo on the screen.

3. Short-cycling of heating or cooling

When the Nest thermostat is repeatedly turning on and off in a short period of time and short-cycling its heating or cooling cycle repeatedly, you can troubleshoot this by doing the following.


First, you need to check if there is an error message displayed on the screen.

If the error message displayed is an error code that begins with a letter followed by a number, you can troubleshoot the problem based on the error key.

For example, if the error displayed is E1, it means that the problem is that the Common wire (C wire) is missing or required.

4. The display of the Nest thermostat is Off

If the display is not showing any light or is unresponsive, chances are that the thermostat isn’t receiving enough power from the wires or the batteries.


You can check if the thermostat display is appropriately connected to the base of the thermostat.

The display needs to be firmly positioned onto the base so that there are no loose connections and the battery is getting charged.

You can line up the connectors on the display panel and the base, then press the display directly onto the base until it clicks into place.

The Final Word

If you come across these minor issues, follow this guide. These issues can be resolved easily at home and efficiently get your thermostat working again.