How To Add Wemo To The Home Kit: A Simple Procedure

Follow the steps below on ‘how to add wemo to home kit easily;

  • Step 1: Connect your Wemo Smart Plug.
  • Step 2: Wait for the orange and white lights on the plug to flicker.
  • Step 3: Go to the Apple Home application and open it.
  • Step 4: In the Home application, add your Wemo Smart Plug.
  • Step 5: Scan the HomeKit setup code on the beginner guide that comes with the plug when requested. The code is also printed on the plug.

How Do I Repair a WeMo Mini That Isn’t Connected to HomeKit?

Many HomeKit users are experiencing difficulties connecting the smart plug to Apple’s HomeKit. They can’t manage to utilize HomeKit on the smart plug, no matter what they attempt.

Consequently, they cannot remotely operate the smart plug because iOS gadgets employ HomeKit for home automation control.

These consumers are unaware that this problem may be resolved by utilizing a couple of troubleshooting techniques.

We shall provide such troubleshooting solutions in this post. So here is a summary of all of them:

Reboot Your WeMo Unit

To resolve an issue with a smart plug, it is almost always recommended to power cycle your smart plug. It is an excellent technique to troubleshoot the gadget and takes a few minutes of your effort.

You only need to disconnect your smart plug for just a couple of seconds.

However, we recommend disconnecting it for at least one minute. After that, reconnect it and check if the problem remains.

Reinstall the Smart Plug

Another simple option is to factory default reset the smart plug. Just take into consideration that you’ll have to go through the installation procedure again after this.

On the WeMo smart plug, there should also be a specific reset or setup button.

Press that button down for a few moments (15-25 seconds) or until an indication led appears on the smart plug.

Change the settings of the Smart Application.

We highly advise you to reconfigure the smart application afresh now that you have reset the gadget.

During the installation, make sure you don’t enter any incorrect information.

Attach the smart plug to an active 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection to achieve the best results.

Launch the Smart Application once again.

Before we finish, you might try reinstalling the entire smart application. You may also investigate if removing the application’s cache and data files helps.