Wyze Cam Sound Issues: Four Ways To Resolve The Issue

Almost all of the time, the Wyze no recording sounds problem is caused by the record option toggle being turned off by accident. Thus you must enable it.

Here are the measures to take to resolve the Wyze Cam sound issues issue.

  • Sign in to your Wyze Cam.
  • choose the settings gear icon,
  • navigate to the advanced settings
  • turn on the sound option

Wyze Cam Sound Issues Troubleshooting

Restart the Camera

The problem is often as simple as a little error or glitch on your device that is causing you to experience such issues, and fixing it should not be a big concern.

However, if you believe your camera is caught in a cycle, this is the easiest approach to fix it.

You have to restart the Wyze Cam once by pressing the start button, and all of your problems will be resolved.

Examine the Volume

If you can’t hear anything on the Wyze Cam, the cam’s application-level may have been muted or dropped, making it appear as if there’s no audio streaming out from the speaker.

In these kinds of circumstances, the first thing you should do is examine the volume and make absolutely sure that the Wyze

Cam has the necessary rights for the volume controls and the audio is not muted for the Wyze Cam.

Restart the camera

If you can’t get it to function, you’ll have to reset the camera to its default configuration. This will check that your camera is in good working order and that there are no difficulties with the settings that might lead to a problem.

Resetting will also scan all connected devices, ensuring seamless functioning across all apps.

Unplug it for 15-30 seconds and connect it back in to reset the Wyze Cam. Afterward, when, you must reconnect the power cord to enable it to operate for you.

When you put in the power chord, it will not only restore the camera to its original configurations, but you’ll also receive a firmware update on the Wyze Cam, which will resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing with the camera.

The application should be updated.

Sometimes, the smartphone application’s problem is that your camera is totally functional.

To rule out this potential, you must upgrade the version of the program that you are running on your smartphone, which will resolve any comparable difficulties for you.