What to Do When Kindle Fire with Loose Port Doesn’t Charge? How to Fix?

Upon going through several consumer grievance forums, we noticed many queries regarding the Kindle Fire Tablet. It has been testified that the Kindle fire starts to experience troubles after a period of continuous usage.

One of the common issues we encountered was that the Kindle Fire wouldn’t charge because of the open port.  

Some common reasons for a Kindle fire not charging are – there might be an issue with the programming or setup, the battery might be faulty, the charging cable might have gone loose or a defective adaptor, or there might be some issue with the charging port of the Kindle device.  

If you have been facing a similar issue, then this article is just the solution for you. First, we will guide you towards performing certain tests that will spot the cause as to why your Kindle Fire won’t charge.

Then, we will elaborate on certain methods you can try to troubleshoot the issues you are facing with your Kindle Fire Tablet.  

1. Check the Charging Port

This is the basic step while looking for a charging flaw in your device. More often than not, long and continuous usage of the device might damage, detach, or loosen the charging port from the device’s hardware.

For example, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet has been quite in the news for having a loose charging port after a while. Most people have the habit of using the device while it is charging, which can cause much harm to the charging port and the battery of the device.  

To check your charging port, you need first to insert the micro-USB cable inside the port and then move the device gently. If you see that the line is loosely attached to the port, then clearly, the charging port has gone wrong.

In such a case, you can claim the device’s warranty, which we will discuss later in the article.  

2. Clean the Charging Port 

Usually, cleaning the charging port doesn’t solve your issues with the loose port, but it will certainly make it convenient to charge your Kindle Fire with a loose port.

The port might have trapped some lint or dust inside the port space of the device. This is a negligible aspect; hence, people don’t give much importance to keeping the charging port clean and dust-free.  

Cleaning the charging port once in a while will help you fix the charging issue with a loose port on your Kindle Fire.

You can use a pin, needle, or a thin earbud to clear the dust off the lint from the charging port.

While you are cleaning the lint, you need to be careful and not damage the connector pins. This might worsen the situation of the charging issues with your Kindle Fire.  

3. Check the USB Cable 

The next thing you need to check is whether your USB cable is charging the device properly or not. Since most micro-USB cables are fundamentally similar, you can take another USB cable from a different device.

Now you can try using this USB cable to charge your Kindle fire tablet. If your Kindle fire is charging with another USB cable, then clearly, the issue lies with the original USB Cable. 

4. Try Using a Tape 

It might seem impractical and temporary, but some users said using a piece of tape to hold the loose charging port helped them fix the issue to some extent.

Users used a tiny strip of the tape inside the port to cover the space left for the charging cable.  

Users stated that using a piece of tape helped them make the port space tighter, preventing the cable from falling off the port consistently.

While using tape to fix this issue, you should be careful not to damage the connector pins inside the charging port. You must ensure that the tape you are using covers the left-over space only and not the connector pins.  

If you don’t want to use the tape technique to fix the port, then you can also try putting the Kindle Fire tablet on a flat surface and angle the USB cable so that your Kindle can charge efficiently.

Make sure not to move your Kindle Fire any further, or else it will stop charging, and you will have to go through the process all over again.  

5. Claim warranty 

If you have been experiencing some hardware problems with the Kindle Fire tablet, you should first try and claim your device’s warranty.

You need to contact the supplier you got your device from earlier to do this if the Kindle Fire charging port has gone loose. If your device isn’t charging properly and there is no way you can fix it, then claiming the warranty is the best option.  

We have seen many reports from users about this issue, but as long the device is under the warranty period, you shouldn’t have to worry about facing any problems in getting it replaced.

To check the status of your warranty period, you can contact the store from where you bought the device.  

We suggest you don’t go ahead and try to repair your device yourself. Instead, you should apply for a replacement. If you open up the device yourself, and if something goes wrong, it will surely void your warranty.

Once the warranty has been voided, your device won’t be eligible to get a replacement.  

The repair procedure is quite complex, and there is a fair chance you might not be able to fix it yourself.

So, avoiding such a scenario and so many hassles to fix your Kindle Fire, you should opt for a replacement by claiming the device’s warranty.  

6. Find a Repair Center 

Some users said that their warranty is not valid anymore. In such a case, you will have to find a repair center to get it repaired.

So it is better to let your Kindle device be fixed by the tech experts and not risk it yourself. This will cost you a few bucks and will certainly save you from device damage.

Getting your device fixed is more reasonable than spending more on a new Kindle Fire. We recommend this for the users who still feel that the device can be repaired by spending less and not wanting to lose their device.

All you need to do is find a tech center and have an expert look into your device to discover the actual cause.  

In case you try to fix the device yourself, you might damage it permanently.

There are many helpful techniques available on the internet that you can use to fix your device, but still, they can be fairly technical to apply and might void the warranty completely.

You will have to follow a series of complex steps, such as gathering some soldering tools, and you will also have to remove the loose port to attach a new port to your Kindle Fire motherboard.

Unfortunately, this is a technical procedure that has led to complete damage to the device by some users.

7. Contact Amazon Customer Support 

If none of the techniques sounds helpful to you, you can finally try contacting the Amazon Customer Support Team. You will be able to get a suitable replacement without any hassles.

However, due to unforeseen reasons, you don’t wish to get a replacement but look for an additional method to fix your device, then you can talk to customer support experts.  

There are many technical experts available to provide you with appropriate solutions to help you fix the issue of your Amazon devices.

First, however, you need to make sure that you reach out to customer support and explain your issue clearly.