What to Do When an Insteon Hub Has No Light? Tricks and Tips

There have been several users reporting the same concern about the Insteon Hub. People have said their Insteon hub abruptly stopped working with no sign of recalibration.

Further, they added that the LED light on their Insteon hub has gone dark with no color status, i.e., red, green, or blinking.

Different users face different issues with their Insteon hub, but Insteon Hub No Light has been the most common amongst them.

We are sure you must have tried some basic steps to bring your Insteon hub back to life, but still, if you have missed something, here is a list of all the ways that you can try to fix your Insteon hub with no light:

1. Check the Functionality

If your Insteon hub has stopped showing any light through its LED, then this step is the basic necessity.

You probably must have tried this but still, if you haven’t, do it. It might help. First, check and ensure if your hub is functioning at all or not.

It can so that the problem is with the LED Bulb, and the hub is perfectly fine. Next, check if you can connect the devices with the Insteon Hub. If the devices are successfully connecting to the hub, it’s quite a relief for you.

This will confirm that the LED bulb has gone faulty and hence it is not flashing any color. This can be easily fixed by restarting the hub once.

Still, if restarting the hub doesn’t correct the LED bulb, you can take it straight to the retailer to avail of the warranty. Once all the terms are met, you will get a replacement of the bulb with a new one.

So you don’t have to rush for anything if you are sure that there is no problem with your hub. You can use it until you have time to get it fixed.  

No signs of Functioning

If the LED light on your Insteon Hub has gone dark, it’s probably because your hub has gone defective.

In case your hub is not working at all, here are some ways you can try to get it back to life: 

2. Check power

The next thing you should do is check the power on the hub. It is essential to know if your hub is getting enough power supply to function properly.

You can check the level of power voltage in your house by using a voltmeter. If the voltage is low, then that’s probably why the LED light on the hub is not working.

In such a case, try restarting the hub once the voltage is back to normal.

3. Check the cord and re-plug it

If none of the ways above worked for you by now, try checking the cord and adaptor. First, you need to check if the cord is plugged correctly into the wall outlet.

Make sure the cord isn’t loose or flimsy. You also need to check the wall outlet in case that is defective. You can do this by plugging other devices into the outlet.

If this works, you can now try unplugging out from the wall outlet and then let it sit for some while. Then, directly plug it back in again.

This should most certainly work for you, and the LED light will start working with you having to face many hassles.

4. Check the port

The next thing you can try is checking if the port on the hub is working or not. To do so, you can try switching the Ethernet cable to different ports on the back of the router.

If it works on other ports, then your original port is faulty, but you might have a defective port if it does not work on ports.

You will have to get your port checked or replace it with a new one in such a case.

5. Contact a technician

If none of the easy ways work for you, which is rare, you might have some severe issues with your hub.

For example, your Insteon hub might have stopped responding and problems with the C7 capacitor. This might be a technical defect, and we suggest you not fix that at home.

You can even take it for availing of the warranty if it is still under warranty period or take it directly to the service center and get it repaired.

The warranty will get you a new model or get it fixed with new components.

In addition, you can call customer support and call a technician to your doorstep and get a closed examination of what’s wrong with your hub.