Echo Dot Won’t Reset: 2 Troubleshooting Ideas

A smart gadget would need to be reset by the owner in a variety of situations. Resetting a gadget essentially means returning all of its configurations to their original condition.

Unfortunately, this could also imply that you will erase all of the information after resetting.

Many consumers have stated that they are unable to reset the Echo Dot. While you’re having a related problem, we recommend that you keep scrolling because we’ll explore a few solutions for how to repair Echo Dot won’t reset.

The following are most of the workarounds:

Echo Dot Won’t Reset: DIY Ways To Troubleshoot

Make certain that you are handling everything correctly.

You may not even realize it, and there are many other models of the Amazon Echo Dot in the industry. Each one of them seems to have a unique method of being reset.

The action key on the third-generation Echo Dot must be pressed and held for about 25 seconds. The action button is located at the upper right of the display.

On the other hand, the second-generation Echo Dot needs you to press down the Microphone off and volume decrease buttons simultaneously for approximately 20 seconds, just until the light ring becomes orange.

Likewise, the first generation of Echo Dots had a specific reset button that must be pressed until the gadget ring became orange.

Attempt to reset the Alexa application to factory settings.

We recommend restarting the Alexa application on your smartphone to factory settings. Follow the instructions below to factory reset the application on your phone:

  • Click Devices.
  • At the top, select the Echo and Alexa icon.
  • Select the speaker that has to be reset.
  • Click on Factory Reset after you’ve found it.
  • A prompt may appear asking if you are confident that you want to reset the gadget. To reset, press confirm.

How to Reset an Amazon Echo Dot to Factory Settings?

Deregistering your Dot removes the gadget from your current Amazon account, allowing it to be registered to a different Amazon account.

Step 1: Remove your Echo Dot from the registry.

The first step in uninstalling your Dot is deregister it from your Alexa account. Next, head to the Alexa application and select Settings > Device settings.

Deregister the Echo Dot by clicking on it.

Step 2: Another method of deregistration

You may also deregister your Dot using your laptop. Now, open your computer browser and navigate to Of course, you need first sign in to your Amazon account if you’ve not already.

After that, go to Accounts and links, scroll to the bottom to Digital content and devices > Manage content and devices. Select Devices at the head of the following page.

You’ll see just a picture of all the Amazon gadgets that are officially registered to you.

Drop down the screen and select Deregister on the Dot you wish to reset. Also, there is a button for wiping your Echo Dot’s audio files.

Reset Echo dot different generation models


You’ll need to get a paper clip or a needle when you have a First generation Echo Dot. Tap and hold the reset button (found at the gadget’s base) with the paper clip till the gadget switches off and on automatically.

The light ring would become orange at this point, and the gadget will begin setup mode. When you finish this procedure, your first-generation Dot will be reset.


For second-generation Dots, press the Microphone off and Volume down buttons simultaneously for around 20 seconds.

The light ring would become orange at this point, and the gadget will activate setup mode. This indicates that your reset was completed.


The procedure is straightforward if you have a third-generation Echo Dot. Hold down the action button for roughly 30 seconds. The light ring should also change orange, indicating that the gadget has begun setup mode and completed the reset.

Before using any approach, you need first identify why you would need to reset your Echo Dot. These are the two methods for completely resetting your smartphone.

If you are still unable to reset the gadget, we strongly make sure to contact their customer care. Tell them everything about the problem you’re having. The staff members should revert as soon as possible.