Comparing Schlage Two Models: BE469WK CAM 619 vs BE469ZP CAM 619

Are you confused about choosing one Schlage device from BE469WK CAM 619 vs. BE469ZP CAM 619? Here is everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

BE469WK CAM Schlage

The BE469WK is an excellent addition to Schlage’s line of smart locks. These are intended to accommodate a wide range of security solutions for you. They also assist you by delivering a slew of useful features.

This one-of-a-kind Schlage model includes both a keypad and a keylock. This implies you could use either way to unlock them.

Furthermore, these gadgets may be linked to your smart hub. You can effortlessly regulate them using the smart hub.

BE469ZP CAM Schlage

The BE469ZP is a comparable model with common characteristics. This smart lock can be unlocked using either a keypad as well as a keylock. The lock is designed to be as easy to use and as comfortable as possible.

The nicest aspect about all of these models is that you could always link them using both Z-wave and Z-wave Plus. As a result, you won’t have too many problems connecting the gadget to other connectivity options.

Not to forget the improved security and sophisticated functionalities that come included with the smartphone. It is an excellent method of securing house doors.

Schlage BE469WK CAM 619 VS BE469ZP CAM 619 Comparison

We’ve already mentioned how close these two gadgets are, with only a few key differences. This is among the explanations why most people are perplexed about which one of these gadgets to buy.

If you seem to be one of them and thus are unsure about which equipment to purchase, we can assist you!

The Schlage BE469WK CAM619 versus BE469ZP CAM619 will be compared in this post. Therefore, without any more delay, now let’s begin!


BE469WK is an abbreviation for Wink. The ZP in BE469ZP, but on the contrary, stands for Z-wave Plus. Another thing to keep in mind concerning the BE469ZP is that it is considerably fresher than the other gadget.

It should also be noted that the ZP type is completely interoperable with Z-wave plus as well as Z-wave. You might not have as much success with the WK variant.

Both gadgets are extensively interoperable with a vast range of different hubs and products when it relates to interoperability.

You should not really have too much of an issue with incompatibility because both gadgets are Z-wave compliant.


Most consumers are perplexed as to which gadget they should select for themselves at this point. The issue is that they also have pretty much equivalent characteristics.

Both will provide you with comparable security systems. Both have several unlocking mechanisms, including a keypad as well as a keylock.

Furthermore, they are both members of the same model family. This is why distinguishing between the two is so difficult. In typical usage, there is no comparison between the two.

Therefore, in terms of features, you would not be too concerned. These will provide you with a significant experience.

Cost and Customer Reviews

The pricing difference between both two gadgets is minimal. Both of these are placed in much the same ballpark.

Nevertheless, because the ZP variant is contemporary and has Z-wave Plus, it may cost a little bit extra. In any case, the distinction should always be little, and therefore should be within your budget.

Therefore, before we reach a decision, let us look at what a person has to say about each of these products. Even though some customers have had minor troubles with the ZP variant, both are regarded favorably by consumers.

This is because the gadgets met and exceeded their customers’ standards, owing to all of their functions.

The Key Takeaway

When considering the Schlage BE469WK CAM 619 vs BE469ZP CAM 619, there doesn’t seem like a huge contrast. However, if all you want is a reliable, compatible smart lock, go with the cheapest option.

So, if you know what you’re doing and want equipment featuring a built-in Z-wave Plus capability, and the price is also not an issue, go along with the ZP device.

You won’t be disappointed with any of these options.