Zigbee vs z-wave vs wifi

ZigBee Vs Z-Wave Vs WiFi – Which is Better for Smart Home?

Zigbee, Z-Wave, and WiFi are highly progressive smart home technologies. These are some of the most extensively used wireless connectivity protocols across the globe.  These technologies can be used by almost every device in the smart home. Still, so many customers are much less familiar with each of them regarding appropriateness and benefits. ZigBee vs …

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best alexa compatible devices

Top 10 Best Alexa Compatible Devices for Smart Homes in 2022

With every update, Amazon’s assistant receives, it adds advanced features and interactivity choices.  In this article, we laid out our results based on the detailed tests our experts ran to bring you some of the best interactive devices that are compatible with Alexa such as lights, displays, speakers, thermostats, wall plugs, appliances, cameras, and smart …

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How To Send Alexa Verification Code?

Are you facing an issue while sending the Alexa verification code to your device? Cast an eye over this piece to learn to fix this issue. You can easily sync up all your addresses, preferences, locations, and contacts with Alexa using your Amazon account. However, many users face the issue of Alexa not sending the …

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alexa app not working android

How to Fix Alexa App Not Working On Android Phone

“Alexa, switch on the AC!” All you need is to call out your task and *blink* it’s done; this is the power of technology, and thank you, Amazon! Alexa, Amazon’s popular AI-based virtual voice assistant, has taken smart homes’ functionality to a notch higher.  All you need to do is call out to Alexa to …

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smart ceiling fans and controller

Smart Ceiling Fans with the Best Controller and Compatibility

Do you know you could convert your traditional dumb fan to a wirelessly controlled smart fan in simple steps?  Or just get a new smart ceiling fan? Well, you’re at the right place, we have compiled a list of the best smart ceiling fans as well as controllers to turn your traditional fan into a …

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Home Automation Benefits

Home Automation Benefits – The Ultimate List

We think home automation as definitely pretty cool and amazing, do you? Now, people are talking about home automation and making smart homes. Still, the biggest and the first question is how home automation benefits us? This smart technology disrupts and influences the way we live life like never before. Before, who could ever imagine that …

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Z-Wave vs Z-Wave Plus

Z-Wave vs Z-Wave Plus: Know The Difference

Z-Wave is a communication protocol built for automation. For years, the use of this technology transformed common electronic devices to become smart devices.  The common smart devices range from smart hubs down to different smart sensors to power home automation. The growth of Z-Wave powered smart devices continues. Thanks to the establishment of the Z-Wave …

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best Z-wave devices 2021

Best Z Wave Devices 2022: A Comprehensive List

In-home automation, most devices like smart hubs support the use of Z-Wave as the communication medium.  All smart devices supporting Z-Wave will work with each other, even those of different brands. More importantly, these devices should be certified by the Z-Wave Alliance, some of which include smart home controllers (or smart hubs) and other specific products …

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Z-Wave Enabler for Smart Home

What is Z-Wave: A Key Enabler of the Smart Home

The trend for home automation is going up as time goes by. The number of smart devices is also increasing. So, how do these devices become smart? The key enabler or at the heart of it is communication technology.  In a sense, these devices become smart because they can talk to each other through wireless …

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