Can Google Home Order From Amazon: How To Make Shopping Easier?

There are several advantages to purchasing Google Home smart speakers. First, it is quite inexpensive, and you can even get a smaller version at a lower price.

Second, on this gadget, you may search Google using voice commands. There are also a number of extra tools that might assist you in managing your week.

A few consumers have inquired as to whether or not Google Home can be used to conduct an Amazon order. Here’s the detailed answer to one of the most common questions by the users – “Can Google Home Order From Amazon?”

So let’s look at how you can utilize Google Home’s voice shopping feature and if you can buy goods from Amazon while using it.

Can Google Home Order From Amazon?

Even though your Google Home has voice shopping capabilities, you can’t purchase anything from Amazon. Some people have pointed out that this is due to the two companies’ competitive rivalry.

As a result, placing Amazon orders using Google Home is now not feasible.

That isn’t to say you can’t utilize your Google Home device’s voice shopping function. In addition, there are additional stories on Google Express where you may purchase various goods.

The cost of items that you can purchase via Google Home is limited as a precautionary measure. So you won’t have to think about spending money on a mistaken order this way.

In addition to the price cap, the Google Express service does not allow you to purchase food or furnishings.

When you use the Google Express service, you have a variety of merchants from which to pick. Therefore, even if you don’t have access to Amazon, you can still shop on Google Express for a variety of products.

How to Make the Most of the Voice Shopping Feature?

You’ll need to set up a payment method for the items you wish to buy from the voice assistant once you’ve set up your Google account and the speech recognition function on your Google Home.

You may do so by going to the assistant settings tab and saving your payment details.

After that, you must enter a legitimate delivery address, as well as your name and phone number. In addition, you may now set various confirmation methods to Google Home to prevent inadvertent orders.

You can begin by adding an item to your shopping basket after everything is set up. This may be done using either the Google Home application or voice commands.

After you’ve added the item, you may use the purchase command to place an order using Google Express. You can change the command to purchase items from a certain merchant.

You may quickly monitor or cancel an order once it has been placed using the smartphone application.

If you cannot get the Google Express function to operate on the smart speakers for whatever reason, you may try setting up your account for voice shopping using video instruction.

You may ask Google Support for further information about the shopping function.

How to use Google Home’s voice shopping feature?

  • Launch the Google Home application on your smartphone.
  • On the top-left side, tap the menu symbol.
  • Select More Options from the drop-down menu.
  • Select ‘Personal results’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Return to the More Settings page and then tap Payments to input your billing information and delivery address.

Speak “Hey Google, order [item]” or “Okay Google, purchase [item]” to order things using Assistant on Google Home.

The Google Assistant will then call out alternatives that match your request along with their prices, including tax, which is determined depending on the origin of the products rather than your location.

If you reply yes when you hear the item you desire, your order will be placed. If you say no, Google, like Alexa, will offer something different.

You can withdraw unintentional orders via the Google Express app’s Items area. However, orders that have been processed for delivery might not be canceled.

How to turn Google Assistant’s voice commands off

  • Open the Google Assistant app on your phone.
  • In the top-right corner, select your profile photo.
  • Select Assistant Preferences from the menu.
  • To connect a credit card to Google Assistant, go to Payments and select Add a Credit Card.

Because Google Assistant can distinguish between the voices of many persons using the same Google Home or Nest device, they may each place orders from their own Express account.

Once each individual has their own account, Google Assistant will recognize their voice and bill them automatically. However, unlike Alexa, there is no way to set a PIN to prevent minors from making harmful purchases or ordering jokes.

Simply say, “Hey Google, add [item name] to my shopping cart” to purchase anything. “Hey Google, add [product] from [shop] to my basket,” you may say if you want to direct the Assistant to a specific retailer.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to inquire about the contents of your cart, remove things from the cart, or modify the number of products in your cart.

Similarly, you may say: “Hey Google, buy/purchase/order [item]” instead of utilizing the shopping cart.