C By Ge Bulbs Not Connecting: 3 Simple Fixes.

You may establish schedules for turning on/off the C by GE smart home lights by linking these to Google Home.

You shouldn’t have too much problem operating your smart gadgets online as long as you have a reliable network connection.

And that is why Google Home has become one of the greatest home automation virtual personal assistants available.

Unfortunately, some customers have lately reported having problems linking their C by Ge smart gadgets to the Google Home Application.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament of C by Ge bulbs not connecting, here are a couple of solutions to consider.

C By Ge Bulbs Not Connecting: Troubleshooting

Google Application should be updated.

If you’re having trouble getting the Google Home application to recognize the smart gadget, the very first step you should take is to perform a power cycle.

If the Google Home application cannot locate the smart gadget, there is most likely a problem with the Google application.

In this case, the first action you need to do is download the most recent version of the Google Home application. However, if it does not resolve the problem, go to the device’s configurations and choose application options.

Then look for and choose the Google Home application. Finally, select “Clear all data” from the storage settings menu.

After that, restart your smartphone and reopen your Google Home application to see whether the lightbulb appears.

Do a complete reset for C By GE

You can also resolve or troubleshoot this issue by resetting the smart light bulb. To accomplish this, switch the light on for ten seconds and then off for 2 seconds.

Do it over and over five times more until you see the lightbulb is flickering. This means the gadget has been effectively rebooted.

If the light isn’t flickering, you’ve probably made a mistake and may have to start over. If you’re having trouble comprehending this issue, see the instruction manual or check out a youtube lesson.

After the lightbulb has been reset, you may link it to your smartphone application and follow it by Google Home. Then, almost certainly, your problem will be resolved.

Strengthen the Signal

The gadget you’re attempting to pair with Google Home is perhaps too far away from the smart loudspeakers. The smart gadget is unable to link to the Google Home speakers because the received signal has weakened.

Immediately move the Google Home gadget near to the C by Ge gadget and reconnect the two devices.

If the problem persists, your only option is to seek assistance from C by Ge. Please make certain to tell them all there is to know about your situation.

The members of the support staff will advise you properly after they have identified the problem.