Understanding The Reasons Behind Alexa White Ring

Don’t know why Alexa’s white ring appears every once in a while? Read this article to learn the possible reasons behind the Alexa White Light Spinning. 

Alexa devices use different colors of rings to indicate various activities.

However,  sometimes it becomes quite challenging to interpret these ring lights, especially if you are new to using the Amazon Echo devices. 

But don’t worry. Here is the solution.

What Does Alexa White Ring Mean?

Usually, when you witness an occasional white ring on your Amazon Echo devices, it means that the volume is highest.

Whenever you turn up the volume, you will see a white ring once it reaches its maximum potential, indicating that you have turned the sound to the highest strength. 

But, What If You See A Constantly Spinning White Ring?

It is still nothing to worry about. A constantly spinning white light probably means that you have left the guard mode turned on.

Whenever the Alexa device is in guard mode, it will display a white ring. So, to make it disappear, all you have to do is turn off the guard mode. 

Turning off the guard mode is effortless, as you merely have to tell your Alexa that you are home, and it will turn off the guard mode, turning off the white ring light as well. 

Alexa White Ring – The Final Words

All in all, the Alexa white ring will only appear in two cases which are mentioned here. If it occurs once in a while, it indicates that your device has reached its maximum volume.

The constant white ring means that you need to turn off your guard mode. So, we can conclude that it is absolutely nothing to worry about.